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Some people tell me how many friends they have and how much those friends and family care about them. The next time you or a friend are in the hospital, or need help recovering from an injury or illness, count how many people show up when you really need them for moral support.

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My sisters have been and will be there for me and I have one real friend that I could call in the middle of the night and she would come running Everyone else is more of an acquaintance.

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Linnster Linnster

I like you, when you are alive.

Shoultd any card say anything more? Especially, if given to you from a hand to another...

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

I have 4 people that i can count on. I consider myself, fortunate.

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Carla Carla

I may not show up at the hospital right away, I am busy taking care of all the things you need to have done while you are getting better. But, I will get there when you need me there.

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ozzyboy ozzyboy

Always few.

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Or another good time to measure is see how many people will jump up to bail/bond you out of jail.

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Vrendowl Vrendowl

After a car crash I had lots of family turn up and when I went home after two days , at least 20 friends visited over the next few days...

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In response to “After a car crash I had lots of family turn...

I think you are one of the few lucky ones.

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JustJimColo JustJimColo OP

In response to “I think you are one of the few lucky ones.

Cos I was in a car crash.....hehe

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Quality over quantity.

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Masha Masha

I can count that pretty easily, one.

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jaded jaded

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