Many people are into crystals, stones, chakras, and energies and such. To others, they're just rocks. Where do you fall?

The stones and crystals guide my energies


Yep, that's a rock.


"Beats me" ~ Abel





Many people are into crystals, stones, chakras, and energies and such. To others, they're just rocks. Where do you fall?

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Stones, but pretty ones...

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Carla Carla


Just rocks to me! That's not my thing. I do believe in some energies but not the kind you are asking about.

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Rooster Rooster

I can't tell the difference, just all rocks to me.

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SynysterGates SynysterGates

Mostly all I ever thought of them as..

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DandyDon DandyDon

I've never gotten any mystical benefit from a rock. I found out that energy is real in massage therapy school. Another student actually radiated warmth from her fingertips to the point that I could feel it without even being touched

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JerryHendrickson JerryHendrickson

There are mysteries beyond my understanding

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VicZinc VicZinc

Stones, but pretty ones...

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Carla Carla

significant to me

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In response to “significant to me

And that's absolutely fine. There was no judgement in the question, just asking where people stand on the issue.

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trooper trooper OP

Just rocks unless they're diamonds in a platinum setting. Then they have great meaning to me. :)

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Linnster Linnster

I believe in science and facts.

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Thedudeyouhatetomeet Thedudeyouhatetomeet

SHINY SHINY! Look at those Shiny Objects! (biggrin)

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Zolfie Zolfie

I like pretty rocks.

It's easy to understand why people would think some rocks have super powers. Just to take an obvious example, sailors used to carry a stone found in Iceland. It polarized light passing through it so that a person could look through the stone in fog and see where the sun was.

Quartz, originally called "crystal" because balls were ground from natural crystals, conducts heat very well. So people would carry crystal balls so their palms would not be sweaty.

Other stones sparkled or gave other effects that made them obviously special.

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that_guy that_guy

Those are wocks. You can thwow them at wabbits.

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that_guy that_guy

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