Should one lie exempt a person from ever being believed again? Why or Why not?

Yes Because


No Because






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I agree with Trooper. Depends on the lie. I'll let most slide but I won't trust a person again if the lie is significant.

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Rooster Rooster


People arent 100 percent one thing or 100 percent another. We have depth. We're not cartoon characters stuck with one trope. Someone may have made a mistake in their life but ignoring them because of it could be detrimental for all you know

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TomboyJanet TomboyJanet OP

Everybody lies sometimes

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The truth is impossible to know

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VicZinc VicZinc

I suppose some lies could be so bad that it would keep me from ever trusting them again but I don't think it should condemn them to never being believed by anyone ever again. We're only human.

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ProdigalSon ProdigalSon

Depends on the lie

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trooper trooper

In response to “Depends on the lie

I completely agree... it depends on what was said and what the subject matter was!

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Zolfie Zolfie

I agree with Trooper. Depends on the lie. I'll let most slide but I won't trust a person again if the lie is significant.

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Rooster Rooster

In response to “I agree with Trooper. Depends on the lie...

How bad of a lie must it be? It could also depend on the frequency of lying.

Also remember that simply being wrong about something is not a lie nor is it something to be ashamed about. But when we try desperately to avoid being seen as wrong, thats when the lies fly out.

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TomboyJanet TomboyJanet OP

It truly depends on circumstances. Telling someone you like their haircut or dress is far different from lying about rape or abuse

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Trish Trish

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