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There is no video game in history that can make me more angry than the original Zelda. What’s yours?

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PAC Man on level 34. Those damned ghosts move at light speed and my little guy has one shoe untied

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Diego Diego

There's countless that have gotten me frustrated. I've really felt my blood boil when playing games like Trials, GTA V, though i can't say I've had a "throw the controller" moment haha. Just sometimes frustrated especially if I'm speed-running and I want the top times, and/or you got a really hard level and you keep dying on it, but the nature of trial & error games will do that!

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Tanor_Faux Tanor_Faux

The latest South Park RPG has so many bugs, that even the bugs have bugs. I'm currently stuck, since I cannot get my character to change into his superhero costume. After reading the forums, apparently Ubisoft decided to rush the game for the Xmas market, leaving the game completely unfinished and not even a half **** of testing was made.

Some of the bugs can be worked around by simply saving and reloading, but the bigger problems arise, when things start to happen out of the sync, which is what happened to me. I've been trying to find a proper patch to fix my situation, but it seems that the game has so many problems, that I'm thinking about sending a C-4 Xmas present to Ubisoft next winter.

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

In response to “The latest South Park RPG has so many bugs...

Sounds like the Angry Video Game Nerd video game :p Ubisoft has a lot of issues to work on. especially turning into Electronic Arts (amongst having a ton of subsidiaries so it's hard to blame a game on Ubisoft themselves, but one of their divisions and such.), and microtransactions for anything fun lately.

They make great IPs, like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six, Watch Dogs probably, (Ubi Montreal) (Red Storm), Beyond Good & Evil and Rayman (Ubisoft Montpellier), Trackmania (Nadeo), and Trials (RedLynx), The Crew (Ivory Tower), but the sins of Ubisoft is also on all of these heh.

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Tanor_Faux Tanor_Faux

In response to “Sounds like the Angry Video Game Nerd video...

Sometimes they just forget the definition of the term IP containing the defining word "Intellectual". They just handle it as pure property, nothing else.

EDIT: Funny, you mentioning RedLynx. That's a Finnish firm. A small indie developer, at least from the initial get-go with the first game. I didn't know they had been hitched by Ubisoft.

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

Beat Perfect Dark on Perfect Agent difficulty on the Nintendo 64, turn auto aim off, then use the custom settings you unlock after beating it. Once you use it, turn enemy health and accuracy all the way up, then once you start you'll want to go for headshots cause it's the only way to do a one shot kill.. and aiming in general in this game is difficult enough. I've yet to even try this, but I know it would be very rage inducing.. haha

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Crimson Crimson

In response to “Beat Perfect Dark on Perfect Agent difficulty...

You try it you will get about as far as Contra 3. :)

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In response to “You try it you will get about as far as...

I honestly don't think even Conta 3 compares. Cause in this you actually have to aim, and very quickly. In Contra there isn't really much skill involved with the aiming. I'd probably still fail at that, but I'd get further in it than I'd get on the hardest custom difficulty setting for Perfect Dark. Have you seen how ridiculous it is? The same game is also available on the Xbox 360, although you have to purchase it off the Xbox store cause there's no disc for it.

This guy makes it look pretty easy tbh.

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Crimson Crimson

Age of Empires used to piss me off. Watching you civilization die was a slow, prolonged ordeal.

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PhilboydStudge PhilboydStudge

Playing super mario bros with two people is frustrating.

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ForkNdaRoad ForkNdaRoad

In response to “Playing super mario bros with two people is...

Tried it the other night. Can still beat the original game in 28 minutes. :)

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In response to “Tried it the other night. Can still beat the...

That's a favorite of mine too :)

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ForkNdaRoad ForkNdaRoad

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