The Summit Meeting has begun, and as usual Trump is sucking up to Putin.   Trump looks very uncomfortable, bragging about good relations with Russia and not saying one thing about the election meddling, even trashing America and going against our intelligence agencies.    Why doesn't he want anyone else in the room, we can only guess.



Explained by StarzAbove...

I sincerely hope Trump knows what he is doing and will stand up for America instead of giving anything Putin asks for....

It has been very interesting listening to the speculations of the media about this meeting. They have been filling air time with a whole lot of nothing because Trump hasn't given them anything and it thoroughly pisses them off. The drivel that is coming out of the talking heads is hilarious. JMHO.

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Will_Janitor Will_Janitor

Remember, always keep the reckless or unmanageable ones close so you can guide them in your favor. That's exactly what Trump is doing.

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Fredrik Fredrik

This meeting was.....Disgusting. To say the least. Buddy buddy time with the biggest scumbag in the world. To be honest, I'd rather see bombs on the kremlin than diplomacy and that's the first time I'd ever say that about any country. The only reason it'd suck is the nukes thing. Too bad we don't have a way to neutralize their nukes. I think the best way to go about it would be to team up with other nations to just tell this ** no you can't just do whatever the ** you want and get away with it.

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TomboyJanet TomboyJanet

In response to “This meeting was.....Disgusting. To say the...

I agree Janet, Trump sucking up to Putin was disgusting and disgraceful. I'm hoping this might be a turning point..... people are now wanting to know what went on in that secret meeting they had. Only the translator knows and there is talk about a subpoena to get what information she has.

After that fiasco, or should I say treasonous meeting, Trump should be impeached and sent to jail. He threw all of us under the bus.....he is definitely in Putin's pocket.

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StarzAbove StarzAbove OP

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