Do you agree with this: "It's only a crime if you get caught"?









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It's a crime if you do it. If you get caught or not, that's another issue.

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Sofia Sofia


A crime is a crime, there's a few criminals on here.

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SynysterGates SynysterGates

Everyone who has blocked me is a criminal....they robbed me of my fun.....hehe

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Carla Carla

It seems to depend on the viewing public these days. While I've never watched Game of Thrones....looks like it's ladling out dicey potatoes.

From "It is a truth universally acknowledged that incest is both legally and morally wrong … but is it time to question this?

Lately, the topic has been on everybody’s lips, not because of a court case or a local issue, but because of the popular medieval-like fantasy TV series Game of Thrones, which features two of its most prominent characters Cersei and Jamie Lannister, two secret lovers with three children in common, who are not just brother and sister, but also twins."

I definitely don't have a dog on this hunt....

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Freeranger Freeranger

It's a crime if you do it. If you get caught or not, that's another issue.

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Sofia Sofia

Thats simply not true. If you murder someone and dont get caught that doesnt mean someone wasnt murdered. It means someone got lucky.

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Jaxxi Jaxxi

A crime is not a sin. A sin is an offense against rightness, but a crime is merely something that offends some legislature, or anybody who has an army.

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that_guy that_guy

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