Redefining Eden; A Sensual, Sensory Caress

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Innovative conceptualization, kept at arms length from the latest fads and silly shizz promotional people sometimes create, lend themselves well to opening a fresh buzz and awareness to that other side of man's creativity in terms of utilizing our faculties to a fuller sense of awareness as pertains to our surroundings. I found it interesting as to what this little blurb on Eden was reporting out. I'd be interested in your analysis. What other pieces of theatre might something like this lead to? I find it interesting.

Eden? Well... My dad once told me (back in the days, when he was still alive, haven't had a chat since he passed away), that as a youngster, before he had met my mother, he was dreaming of traveling to Australia. Not certain, if Australia would cover even the basics of "Eden", as it's full of snakes, honeybadgers, drunken trappers, crazy kangaroos and you can't even have a dip without a shark biting your testicles off.

I guess his view on the mystical upside-down world was one of those, that you get when you read too much fantastical stories of the land, where the probability of being killed by a greasy hand trying not to have a slip, when targeting something completely else... I'm ranting here, am I not? Anyways, boomerangs are dangerous. Can't tell if meeting my mom was a good idea or not. Well, it wasn't a good idea for you folks, I can tell you that.

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

Oh, just noticed the video.

Isn't that Titanic?

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

In response to “Oh, just noticed the video. Isn't that Titanic?

Ummm....don't think so....however, here you could glimpse the seldom seen propulsion of her though, a photograph that I have always found stunning

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Freeranger Freeranger OP

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