The Nazi party was the "National Socialist German Workers' Party" or NSDAP, a center-left socialist party who silenced their political opponents through violence and intimidation. The fact that the modern left justifies silencing their political opponents through violence and intimidation by calling them Nazis is both amusing and scary.

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When confronted with the fact that Nazis were socialists, modern socialists typically will say that the Nazis only called themselves socialists, they weren't really socialists, (like the Soviet communists, they also called themselves socialists, but that wasn't real socialism either) to which I say, hmm, so THIS TIME it's going to be REAL socialism, right? Scouts' honor? Well pardon my skepticism...

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They called themselves socialists because it was a popular ideology back then. It's the same principal as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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They called themselves socialists because it was a popular ideology back then. It's the same principal as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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In response to “They called themselves socialists because it...

It stands to reason that socialism was popular back then, it was merely a theory at that point, nobody had experienced what it was actually like in practice.

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Maze Maze OP

How interesting that Hitler was ellected democratically while Italian fascism and Russian communism were done with a coup

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Sunny_the_skeptic Sunny_the_skeptic

So not true. Hitler outlawed the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), the KDP (Communist Party of Germany), and other labor unions in 1933. Their ranks were decimated and their members forced into the first concentration camps.

While the Nazis had "Socialist" in their name, they were not socialists.

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PhilboydStudge PhilboydStudge

In response to “So not true. Hitler outlawed the SPD (Social...

You seem to assume that leftist groups get along, history has shown that is not the case.

As a current example, the Canadian provinces of BC and Alberta both elected NDP governments.

(The NDP is a mainstream center left party, old Germans who lived in Germany during Nazi rule have personally told me that the NDP and NSDAP are in roughly the same place on the political spectrum: center left.)

So anyway, these two NDP governments should work together perfectly, right? I mean, they're the same party after all. Well as it turns out, the Alberta NDP want this particular pipeline to go through to the coast, and it was a done deal, but at the time the deal was signed, the Liberal party was running BC.

When the NDP got into power in BC, they decided that the pipeline was too risky, (despite the fact that there had been an extensive environmental review process and it was just twinning an existing pipeline) so they bent the rules to shut it down. In response, the Alberta NDP banned imports of BC wine. So now the two provinces are basically in a trade war.

And so it is with the left, their nature makes it easy for them to fall into conflict, even if the other side is the exact same political party.

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Maze Maze OP

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