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Wasn't it already a law that felons can't have guns?

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Flrdsgns Flrdsgns


Wasn't it already a law that felons can't have guns?

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Flrdsgns Flrdsgns

In response to “Wasn't it already a law that felons can't...

apparently not

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Im pretty sure georgia allows such offenders to legally own a firearm and Some others, too. Even get a conceal carry permit.
That is why having a conceal carry permit to be a nation wide thing (people able to legally carry a firearm across state lines) is so unappealing.

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Carla Carla

Makes a lot of sense to me. All states should follow Oregon's lead.

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StarzAbove StarzAbove

isn;t it already illegal for convicts to own a gun? making somethign already illegal "more" illegal" won;t stop a convict from getting one illegally if thats is their aim

if it wasn;t illegal in Oregon, its not a bad thing that they made it law

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If your history shows you're inclined to be violent, you shouldn't be allowed to have a gun. It's just common sense.

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Sofia Sofia

Bet you straws are next.

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In response to “Bet you straws are next.

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In response to “

Seriously though there is a large group of people who wish for an all powerful Government who would be more than happy to dictate every single aspect of life in a 10,000,001 page extvaganza of bureaucratic bs. I say power to the people. Myself included.

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