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When someone says "Thank you Captain Obvious" a good response is "You're welcome Lieutenant Sarcasm", amirite?

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or a good "**** you" would be apt too.

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or a good "**** you" would be apt too.

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AHHH SUCH A GOOD RESPONSE!!!! i will have to remember this!

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You obviously saw a post about this on MLIA and copied it, or you are the little sister in the original post.

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In response to “You obviously saw a post about this on MLIA...

even if he did copy it, he never said it was his.. he just said it's a good response...

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Number_33 Number_33

it sounds cooler when someone says "no shit, sherlock" and you say "you're welcome, seargent sarcasm."

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In response to “it sounds cooler when someone says "no...

But they didn't say thank you…

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mbaqangaspaz mbaqangaspaz

This is brilliant! :D

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veggurl94 veggurl94

your life is average:P

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lost_meg lost_meg

Actually i respond with your welcome Sargent Sarcasm

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i saw this on facebook :P

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xOyaidkk xOyaidkk

i use "sergeant sarcasm" :) always gets a good laugh

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CrazyCheerio CrazyCheerio

In response to “i use "sergeant sarcasm" :) always...

sergeant sarcastic would be better

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That Guy

...or You're Welcome Major Pain-In-The-****.

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Me_Mwhahaha Me_Mwhahaha

In response to “...or You're Welcome Major Pain-In-The-****.

I quite like that one.

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JAYwalker JAYwalker

I like "You're welcome, Major Idiot"

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sargent sarcasm sounds good to me

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In response to “sargent sarcasm sounds good to me

this is the one i always use on people.. they get so startled that i have something to say back it, it makes my day! :)

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Ha, I've said this one for a while!

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TheWeasel TheWeasel

um just saying but its sargent sarcasm....

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In response to “um just saying but its sargent sarcasm....

sargeant sarcasm just sounds weird, lol

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oooh, this is fantastic. all i used to do was frown and walk away... :(

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i need a frais to use on a 14 year old guy that i have a crush on ps.I'm 14 to

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icelandic girl

What happens when they say "no shit Sherlock"? :/

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Oh My Gosh I say that all the time! lolz

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allie74132 allie74132

And then after that, the other person should respond with, "As always, Major Hypocrite."

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"thank you captain obvious". "your welcome lieutenant sarcasm". "nice one colonel comeback"

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In response to “"thank you captain obvious"...

See blondes can write comebacks I am a blonde and I am very smart!!!

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I say the 'sargent sarcasim' thing all the time. and then they respond with 'general jackass' lolol. it's pretty fun to go back and forth. :p

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Oh wow Guys very nice!! :|

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It's actually a trifecta of "Thanks, Captain Obvious" "You're welcome, Sargent Sarcasm" "Anytime Detective ****"

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Because I would just smile

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