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About me.
I was an MLIA fan, but I just said was so I don't have to include a but. And yet I did.
I like Harry Potter better than Twilight, (though the Twilight books didn't kill me, so they're not that toxic.)
My music interests include Nirvana, Shinedown, Simple Plan, Three Days Grace, Kings of Leon, the Rolling Stones, and Black Sabbath.
I'd like to point out here that I put a comma before and. Usually.
I'm a writer, sketcher (painting is okay,) and I enjoy acting somewhat.
I'm an environmentalist, Agnostic, and Pro-Choice. I've commented in several abortion battles. Bite me.
If one thing sums me up, it's my eratic pleasure in the fact that A Very Potter Sequel came out on my birthday.


Who's BreakfastFan?

Hey Arielle how are you?

I'll have just turned eighteen before the next presidential primaries. Good luck if you decide to volunteer!

Yeah I just don't like it when senators who have been serving for 20 years are reelected again and again and again. Anyhow, it's been nice talking to you. Btw are you old enough to vote?

I agree with you there. In my opinion, there shouldn't be any political parties; they just screw up the whole legislative process. There should also be term limits on every office so that someone canvote their mind instead of voting so they have the bast chance of getting reelected. This would also lower the number of career politicians. There should also be campaign finance laws where every candidate starts withthe same amount of money and can't use their own money and can't accept donations, so that way an average person has a better chance of winning. I'd also like so see politicians make the exact same amount of money as the average American, instead of millions. If there is ever a constitutional convention or something, I hope those things are changed.

Democracy won't work unless the people are informed about things. I almost think that there should be some required reading about each candidates positions along with a test you take before registering to vote... It's fortunate that there are the amount of ignorant people is about the same of both sides.

The only worse time would be late October. But the thing I'm most concerned about right now are the Bush tax cuts expiring. They add more to the defecit on a yearly basis then the two wars, the stimulus, and the bailout combined. Plus they're just a shameless giveaway to the rich and don't help the economy very much. Only republicans would be hypocritical enough to deny unemployment benefits when theres one job available for every 5 people who want one, and still be for the Bush tax cuts.

"Clean coal" is an oxymoron. I hope he passes a cap and trade bill before the elections, but that doesn't seem likely. There's still the lame duck period in congress after, though.

In the beginning, I was slightly more for Hillary then for Obama because she has more experience, but I thought that she should have dropped out a lot sooner once it became clear that Obama was going to be nominated. And I was rooting for him against McCain, although it would've been much harder for me to decide if McCain had chosen someone more qualified then Palin. And I continue to support Obama today, because I think that he is doing as good as any mortal man could do as president given all of the huge problems that were in place before he took office.

No, I don't belong to any specific party, and I intend to register as unaffiliated. Although if I had to choose between the two main ones, I'd pick Democrat.

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