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About me.
I'm 13 years old. I'm short and have brown hair and green eyes. I'm quite shy, but when I'm with my friends then I'm VERY sarcastic and open.
I love: writing, music, movies, reading,...
I listen to: Regina Spektor, The Beatles, The Ramones, MCR, Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls, MoM, Moldy Peaches,...
I LOVE Harry Potter and am currently obsessed with it.
I hate text talk.
If you want to know more, send me a message.


It's a nation of a group called nerdfighters. Nerdfighters are fans of the channel vlogbrothers on YouTube, but it's bot just being a fan, it's being a nerd, being made of awesome, and trying to reduce worldsuck... Because, well. Worldsuck sucks. :)

Woot!!!!! Awesome!!!!! (: also, do you know what nerdfighteria Is??? (: it doesn't really matter, but still XD

I saw it, but no spoilers, promised. If you want to discuss after I would be honored to. But until you see it I will just be neutral about the whole thing. :) cuz spoilers suck. A lot. :(

Ahahah, really? Ooookay then :P (: thabkyou, also! You see Harry potter on opening night?!?!!! :D

Ahaha. Good plan ;) and Yes, I do. It's lonely and hardly used... For now. :p I just got it the other day and I haven't exactly started enjoying it yet :p

well. no. what i meant to say was SEXY! <3 i just thought you'd think i was creepy. i love him completely and i am a complete and utter fangirl. and you can't watch it online?! D: its on for sure. thats where i watch it. (:

I love Barty Crouch jr. :D mainly because he's the doctor in 3 seasons of doctor who. And one of the best doctors..... But still! :D also fairly attractive...

I love your picture! Darkmark?? (:

I love that song, and yes they are all great.

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