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About me.
My name's Danielle. I'm a freshmann. I have an older brother in college [Go Tigers. :/] nd a [slightly insane, but] wonderful Mother. :] I don't have many best friends [mostly acquaintances] nd I like it that way [Less friends, Less drama]. I live for God and no one else.

-I absolutely ♥love♥;Kid Cudi. Vampire Weekend. Coldplay. Subway. Classical Music. Computers. The Original Alice In Wonderland. Animal Crackers. Hugs. [Haha. :] From dudes.] Late nights. People with a stutter. Rain nd snow. Sunny days that aren't BURNING hott. My wonderful/Been-Through-Everything-Including-Falls-Downstairs-nd-Hard-Heavy-Rain-nd-Alwayze-There-When-I-Need-To-Drown-Somebody-Out ipod. Green 'n blue. Being loud. Old/vintage/classic things. Blue Gatorade. Legitimate arguments. (Debating) :]

-I absolutely can not stand;Most music today. Being frustrated. People who: are unnecessarily rude, talk without thinking, are the bitter/I-Hate-Everyone-For-No-Reason type, indecisive, hypocrites. When people won't listen to me. Or consider my opinion. ['It stops being "just an opinion" when you try to force it on me as a fact, and say that my opinion is wrong.'] nd Sheeple. >:D [Hahaha.]

Any questions [i.e., What are sheeple?] message me. Like what you see? Make me your friend. :D

[My user name was previously OMGyesss.]

stay classy, friends♥:]


find someone who can make one

aw shit, really? that means i cant go to ne of the band's that i like concerts until im 18...

im sure nobody in a 100 mile vicinity loves him as much as u do

idk. get someone who is willing to drive 3 hrs for a frickin kid cudi concert

oh, btw, ur face is a loser

well, thats nice

i love my taste in music

Yeah :D <33 ^_^

If that's you in your picture, you're really pretty!

That's something he asked me not to tell anyone.. :/
But he's doing really well so far. (:
It's amazing how things just came into I broke up with my ex for no real reason three weeks, I just had the urge to break up. o_o
And I think you're right, this was meant to happen...
I think I can get him help though, have him come to church more often and have him talk with my parents too (:

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