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About me.
Hey I'm Anna... I'm from Russia and I like all things chocolate :P
I'm not sure what to write, so I'll just make this easier.
Harry Potter > Twilight
Muffins > Cupcakes
British accent > American accent
Winter > Summer
Being deaf > Justin Beiber
City > Suburbs
Friends > Money
Nice geeky guys > Hot guys that act like ****
Amirite > MLIA
Facebook > Myspace
Dogs > cats (only by a little)
Britney > Miley
Custard > Ice cream
Coffee > Tea

Yeah that's pretty much it. If you agree with any of these, you are welcome to chat and discuss anything from Miley's sluttiness to how muffins will one day rule the world.


When you put it that way it makes a lot of sense.

I have to disagree with "Winter > Summer"

I'm in Canada and winter sucks.

Your info makes me want to be friends with you.... and you're Russian.

Awh thanks! :) haha.

Hey! I homepaged all of your posts because they were so awesome :) could you do the same for me? Thanks!

Aww my poor wall :( AC are my inititals and 7/17 is my bday. I'm original.

Your name reminds me of AC/DC hahah.
(wall virginity = mine).

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