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Full Name

About me.
College student

I hate my voice
I love food.
Bears Fan, Cubs fan, Hawks Fan

I just signed on here for the first time in four years and my bio written by 16 year old me was absolutely embarrassing. holy hell.

Relationship Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Education: In College

Career Industry: Student

Religious Views: Christian

Political Views: Liberal

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

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Ah, I was straight north of Chicago

Perhaps you ought to take some of the more personal stuff outta your bio so you don't get stalked and raped and whatnot?

I couldn't help but read on a post, you live in the suburbs around Chicago?

I used to live north of them, in Wadsworth and attended school in Gurnee. Are you north or south?

oh thats good haha

I'm sure :) I'm far too lazy to make mine that big haha

Thank youu :) You have a huge bio

My friends do too, but I recently moved, so I don't hang out with them as often :( Oh well, I've always got Facebook and Amirite hehe

Hah that's always fun. Probably the same, it'd be nice if I had a license though haha

Yeah I love the smell, it's so nice, even nicer than gasoline haha xp. Any big plans for Christmas break?

Nice! :D. I love the way REAL Christmas trees smell, we got one for the first time in my entire life and oh my god it smells like heaven

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