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About me.
You may know that I am Abed Nadir from Greendale Community College, and I have been in one of my own films, titled ABED, about myself.

My friends are hectic and troublesome at times but they're still fun all the same. It's also weird that I live with two of the people in my study group.

In our study group, we usually don't do much studying at all, we usually listen to the Dean explain random unnecessary holidays, or Jeff and Britta fight about everything.

Troy is one of my roommates, and he created the popular "Old White Man Says," and he got helped me pay for our shared apartment.

Annie is another roommate of mine.

I hope that the amirite community sees the same way that I do.

Bucket list of the account manager:
[ ] Get POTD
[ ] Learn the Russian Cossack Dance
[ ] Play a Bass Saxophone
[ ] Visit Russia one day
[ ] Type 90 wpm (At 80 currently)
[ ] Play the sax with Bill Clinton
[ ] Meet Fred Weseley, Trombonist
[ ] Be on Community
[ ] Fire a '75 Winchester
[ ] Read all Louis L'Amour Books
[ ] Have a sword-fight with Brad Pitt playing Achilles
[ ] Meet Claudio Sanchez
[ ] Master the Baritone Sax
[ ] Place 1,000,000 Blocks in Minecraft
[ ] Build something with Notch
[ ] Make 1,000 comments within my first year on this account
[ ] Play in the Tran-Siberian Orchestra
[ ] Take Spanish 5
[ ] Play in U-Conn or Ohio State marching band
[ ] Have my pet rat solve a puzzle
[ ] Learn to play the trombone
[ ] Meet Bert Brandsma
[ ] Learn to play Santeria
[ ] Meet Johny Depp
[ ] Invent an atom with over 150 protons
[ ] Vote on 5,000 posts within the first year
[ ] Get 20 homepaged posts within the first year
[ ] Achieve the highest overall physics grade this year in the school
[ ] Kill 10,000 mobs in Minecraft
[ ] Have Soulero become a very famous DJ
[ ] To own a business



(Do Annie and Troy know? (wary) They can never find out.)


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