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About me.
Recently, I've discovered your Muggle-version of the Floo Network... I must say, it's quite intriguing! I can look up the EXACT function of a rubber duck without having to ask you Muggles.

I'm in my fifth year at Hogwarts and will be attending Pigfarts for University. Lately, I've been studying for my OWLS. I'm a Full-Blood and during holidays, my mum and dad help me with my magic. I've had a bit of a hard time in Transfiguration, but I've been improving. Professor McGonagall said so herself!

I'm a proud Ravenclaw and have quite a few friends. My dad was in school when Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. He says he didn't really know him. Didn’t support him much either… I wouldn't expect him to. He was a Slytherin. My mum was a Hufflepuff (as if anyone knows what the hell that is anyway…) She was a blood traitor. Her grandmum got killed for it, devastating stuff, really. She supported Harry Potter. Apparently, when the Dark Lord fell, my dad’s parents fled and he realized their mistake. My brother and sisters are all Slytherins. Suppose I should be too. But, you know, the Sorting Hat does as the Sorting Hat feels is best.

Currently, I’m reading Hogwarts, A History by Bathilda Bagshot. Great writer, truly, great. Unfortunately, she passed away when my dad was in his seventh year. Shame… she really was amazing. Not like Albus Dumbledore. How totally awesome would it have been to meet him?! Super-Mega-Foxy-Awesome-Hot. That’s how totally awesome.

Of course, Dad says it would be nothing next to meeting Severus Snape. But, Dad would say that. He was a Slytherin, and at one point, Severus Snape was his head of House. My head of house is Professor Flitwick. I wonder if Severus Snape led his common room anything like Professor Flitwick does… Singing frogs and things flying around. Hagrids butt crack, of course he didn’t! He was a Potions teacher, his things couldn’t fly!

My best subject is Potions. Professor Slughorn says I’ve got a knack for it. Can’t say I disagree. I do exceptionally well in it. Felix Felicis, Veritaserum, you name it, I can make it. Plus, last year I managed to score a bezoar. Some guy at the Hogs Head gave it to me. Pretty amazing. He said I might find it to good use.

Well, I think the batterfly is running low… The computamabob is dimming. See you on the Floo Network!


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