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About me.
-The name's AJ, Thai/Filipino
-CaliSwag, S.F head
- Got 99 problems, and they're all bitches.
-Older than 18.

I find it interesting how this website is called "amirite," which is suppose to be spelled, "Am i right?" Yet people find ways to correct your punctuation, spelling and grammar; and some of them are just little kids that have no life and just like to "troll" around. (Is that even a word?)

-I post ideas that I think is right, but if not, feel free to press "No Way."
-My grammar sucks, so don't be **** about it.

Other than that, feel free to check my sites:


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haha you're definately right. it went fine though! (:

i'm good, about to go to soccer tryouts so i'm nervous :/

haha yeah...its ridiculous. they have no life whatsoever

Wow my nigga look at this post: why was your post deleted when this was allowed to stay?

Powerlesslogic mentioned this post in their message:
Milk from black people tastes like chocolate, amirite?

Haha that's funny, cuz the only thing that I said that came out of your mouth was "go fuck yourself". I never implied that you said anything else, all I did was make inferences based on what you said, and your little rant there just proved to me that your an insecure little wigger. Did I bash you post? No I never even mentioned your post. Did I say I was offended? No, I just pointed out some things I thought of you. And clearly you are mad, your freak out proved that. Yes you can post whatever the fuck you want, but, that also means I can go in to the comment section and say what I want about your post. That's what it's for.

All of the shit that you just said, did not came out of my fuckin mouth. Except the part of "GO fuck yourself." It was not inteded to you, UNLESS your bitchass ** is offended yeah? IF YOU ARE OFFENDED, then a POST IS A POST. I post whatever shit, I want to say... Agreed? I dont bash on your fuckin posts, so calm your ** tits aiight? Im not mad, but if you do not like my post's or anyhting that I say, then dont fucking read them. Agree? Now... GO FUCK YOURSELF. (for the queer dog bellow this comment.)

Well, when you randomly say "Go fuck yourselves" it means either in if two things. It means your mad, or you're to defensive to take anyone disagreeing with you and you think your so awesome

True dat' my nigga

Yeah my nigga it was hilarious I favorited it haha.

Wow that is just retarded my nigga

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