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About me.
Hello. I'm Alexander, call me Alex. I'm 14.
I'm from Germany, I live in the United States. I play soccer, lacrosse,football,drums, and I run track. I love photography, but, ironically, there is not one picture of me in the universe that is even a bit attractive, hmm. i'll find something. My twin brother has an account on here, he's Kk15. We're pretty awesome.
I like playing drums, drawing, running, dancing, etc.
My brother and I decided that we're going to wear the same hat in our profile pictures to mess with people's minds. Sorry.
My music taste is the exact same as my brother's. My favorite artists include Mumford and Sons,Mayday Parade, Bring Me the Horizon, MGMT, Bloc Party, Dance Gavin Dance, Pierce the Veil, John Mayer,The Arctic Monkeys, The Shins, Arcade Fire, Dave Matthews Band,Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, 2 Door Cinema Club, and A Day To Remember. My favorite band is definitely Muse.
Ask me anything, say hi, ask for advice, tell me your favorite song, whatever. I love getting messages, don't be shy :)
lawlrus.she's my best friend.
That's about it. Have a fantastic day.


I can agree with you...sometimes. ;) Sorry, I've been inactive.

it must be pretty amusing since you guys are identical..but I'm fraternal so I guess it's okay :p

What's up!!(:

heelllo :) i have a twin too, aha :$

mountain DD:
i'm texting two cute boys right now. $C0R33333333!!!1!!!!1!
and yesterday i was texting another cute boy. and the day before that i was texting ANOTHER cute boy.
one of them is that kid with the cool hair that I mightve told you about. and it's like <yah ive only been crushing on you for like 6 months, nbd>
but he fucking said he always thought i was cute :3
me: O.o whaaa?
but yeah. and one of them is 14 and he likes someone else so he's not exactly available D:
and one of them i've never met before, but he has his lip pierced 6 times and we're hanging out when I get home :3
and one of them is a fucking **** god who works at hot topic and he has a girlfriend but he almost kissed me anyway <3
i went whitewater rafting and i almost fell out of the fucking boat.
and you're cute.
i apologize if me thinking you're cute creeps you out in any way D:
okie message me back soon dear <3

hai hai hai hai hai hai alexalexalexalexalexalex hai :3
i missed yew D:
i'm back to finish your message :3
hai hai hai
why did yew have tew go tew a loony bin? 3:
it's okie if yew don't want tew tell me :3
I had to go for cutting which got me a staph infection which came back a few days ago which is now on my chin looking like a gimungus zit.
rahhhhh >:(
everyone always does the you're beautiful thing and i never believe them. I mean I wish i could be all <yeah, i am pretty beautiful, arent i> but I can't. and guys have asked me for my number and told me i was cute before but still everytime I look in the mirror my brain goes YOU'RE FUCKING UGLY.
and dont bother feeling bad for me because of that^ because I don't want anyone's pity.
i hate when people feel bad for me. I would even rather you go yeah you <are> pretty ugly, you were right to be cutting.
so yeah. no trying to convince me im pretty.
i want.
so so bad
but my father is all <nahh>
2. left: my aunt's purse
right: a bottle of water
3. lefty all up in this ****
4. 25 bracelets and a phone lanyard if that counts as jewelry :3
5. out my window: a hee-uge cliff D:
I'm in gatlinburg and we're staying in one of those little <chalet>s and its right on the side of the fucking mount...

the end of your message got cut off :(
new amirite does this thing where it doesnt tell you how many characters you have left then it just chops the end of your message D:
and the rest of my friends have gotten used to it so they don't complain anymore :3
I play my most heaviest music that I have just to get them all annoyed :P
italian ice is deelish. yummie c:
so are graped :DD
rahh >:(
okie, i must go now. i finish layter. <3

Well, I decided to say hi!(:

anyhoo, sorry I keep not finishing me messages...
yes that was a typo, but it makes me sound like a pirate so I'm leaving it :)
all right.
AS I WAS SAYING, my family HATES my music. and yes, I do torture them just a leeetle bit with it, but no more than is necessary to make them squirm just a little :))
oh I am jealous of your italian iceness :(
even though that was like a month ago so your tongue is probably no longer red :)
and i'm reeeeally sorry it took me like 6 years to write back :( like I said, mental hospital. hurting myself.
so yeah, that's really it.
some random questions for you to answer:
1. what color socks are you wearing?
2.a) what is the closest thing to your left?
b) to your right?
3. which hand do you write with?
4. how many bracelets/necklaces/other pieces of jewelry are you wearing at this very moment?
5. what do you see when you look out your window?
sorry if any of them sound creepy, I just thought of random questions since I felt like I should say more after ignoring you for like a month. except it was less -ignoring- and more -being locked in a loony bin-, but whatever!
you have a spendid day :)

Aw, you're so adorable! Sorry, I was just creeping on your profile and awww you're so cute!
and YOU'RE RIGHT IT -IS- A CONSTANT CYCLE OF HAPPINESS! how awesome is that? pretty awesome, I think :)
yeah we're out of popsicles now >:(
and I am very sorry it took me so long to message you back but my parents put me in a fucking mental hospital for 3 weeks because they didnt like the fact that I was hurting myself.
i fail to see what their problem is.
I made you a friendship whale bracelet! see look how pretty and colorful it is you can wear it every single day okay?
YOU BOUGHT RECCKLESS AND RELENTLESS oh my god I fucking love you <3
oh i gotta go ill finish this later >>:(

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