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About me.
I have nothing to say about myself, but my lover, XhollyXroseX, the beautiful blonde, who is mine, she's blonde, she is a rose, an immortal rose, that shall never die, not a petal will fall off of her. Because God created her, then felt so proud, and he wanted to keep her alive to show everybody what he did.
She's mine, not yours.
I win.


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Asian nerds.
Hmm i guess I just can't hear the talking that well in the vid.

Hahaha you're gonna think im super lame but i LOVE calculus...we started it in 9th grade.
i just tried to watch that vid but its not making any in ToK class right now

YAAAYY maths. fun.
I'm doing bio work...or well meant to just kinda chillin in my free period :)
im bored.

Hmm how do you knoww? ;)
Nah I'm kidding I'm clean :)
I'm at school :( in maths.

But you WOULDN'T get an STD cuz you're not gonna have **** til you're unless like your future wife has an STD you'll be safe. Well whennnn can I tell u the amazing news then? I could message it to you on heree if you want

Hahaha nomnomm :)
Yes. Do that. Maybeeeee when you hear my amazing news you actually will come out here... :D
Hahaha **** class was kindaaaa awkward but like...totally worth it, cuz now I'm confident they won't get date raped, get pregnant, get cyber stalked, get STD's etc.

Awwhhhh I forgot how sweet you are. Like...candyfloss dipped in syrup. Yes. That's you. Omnomnomm...
Ughhh school sucks. But ok go learn stuff! :D
Move to China. You'll be able to do volunteer stuff REALLY easily hahahah soooo many opportunities over here! OMG ACTUALLY I HAVE SOMETHING SUPER SUPER AWESOME AND AMAZING TO TELL YOU!!! LIKE SUPEEEERRR AMAZING! So skype sometime yes?!?
Teaching **** ed was was the teaching it in CHINESE that was the problem haha. I mean, do YOU know how to say "sexually transmitted diseases" and "condoms" in Chinese? No? Neither did I :/. So that was fun... :/ lol.
And you're nicER. Dudeee im so sorry i havent been talkin to you, ive had a v rough few weeks/months :/...i doooo totally love you though :) <3

hey! thanks for the favorite :D

Indeed (sips tea)

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