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About me.
I'm a pretty unique kind of girl, i'm eclectic in my likeings, I love things like Harry Potter and Spongebob and my books can range from Ripley's Belive it or Not to Childeren's books such as Charles Dickens. I'll listen and dance to almost anykind of music... I believe I should include that I'm a dork of all trades and like many other, I'm pretty darn proud of it. I can also be pretty hyper but it you want to sit me down for along time, pop in just about any Horror Flick and I'll be there watching it.

Well I really dont know much more to say except..."To Be Happy In Life, You Must Alohamora Your Dreams"
for those who dont know, Alohamora means Unlock.

Have A nice life and Just Keep Swimming...^v^


lol that's logical. :) it's dumb

bahaha i know. you should read the article. it makes me cringe

a question for psychology.. identify a possible cause for the behavior by the learning perspective--which means learned from past learning... and the topic is people actually wanting their limbs amputated

:D k. can u think of a reason why someone would learn from past experience why a person would want their limb amputated?

oh my god! >.< he can go fall in a diahrea filled hole, followed by her for not liking your hair. her's isn't that great either *angry eyes* imma kick her nose

that fred thing? :( some people can be...>.< constipated

oh, she's not doing church for a while. cuz of camp. she's staying here

when does she have plans

i know that. it's just a dumb bout of sickness

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