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About me.
Hey everyone! I love singing, acting (especially Improv), talking, volleyball, and drawing. My favorite books are the HARRY POTTER SERIES, Maximum Ride series and Hunger Games series, in that order. My favorite movies include Harry Potter 1, 3, 5, and 7 part 1 and 2, Titanic, and Slumdog Millionaire.

Oh, and here are some posts I made before I had an account (my best non-account ones):

I'm a HUGE Potter fan, and proud of it! There may not be any more new books or movies, but Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home! Harry Potter is forever in our hearts, and you know for damn sure what series I'll be reading to my kids in the future!


Send your pictures along with your username and the name of the character you dressed up as to this email address:

If you don't know what I'm talking about, DON'T DO ANYTHING!!!! If you are in on it, follow the above directions ASAP. Thanks!

And one last thing! Here's a link to a fanfic I wrote with some fellow Amiriters...feel free to check it out and review!!!

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I added you :)

Hi Ari! The other people from the HP Group discussions and I have been chatting on skype; d'you wanna join? My skype name is lucyyazejian, add me and we can chill

Hey i am SO sorry I haven't been on in like a month...
SOOOOOO much schoolwork, I absolutely hate junior year. anyways, I read chapt 24 and LOVED it :) (review's on the site)
I'm gonna read the other story as soon as I can!! It sounds really interesting!

and I think its awesome that you added yourself into the story, I love doing that to make it more real and entertain myself :)

Wow the 14pg one seems really cool! I love reading stories about people on the run :) They're intense with a lot of suspense anmd everything. that ones gonna be great! Plus I love Sirius, he's such a great character :))

The second one seems cool too! I can't wait to hear about Sirius asking out his first crush lolol. and it'll be cool to see everything from different points of view

And of course the last one is gonna be great :) Maybe you can even do a POV of Snape as he watches James and Lily get together. like in the last book with his memories.

Anyways, they all sound great, I can't wait to read! and again im sorry I havent been on in a while, school is crazy :/

Same, it was like 6 days for us :/ I was basically living at my friends houses that had power and only came home to sleep lol
sounds good! you're welcome for the reviews :) thanks for writing the stories lol
That's awesome!! I'm so excited to read them. Yeah, wormtail sucks :( and I like how you used the British word prat lol. that's really long! I wish I could keep writing a book that's so long. I always get bored a few pages in. or I write the really exciting scenes first and then there's nothing to look foward to.

Hey I reviewed everything!! It was all amazing. I love how you changed up the plot a bit with Teddy. It was great to have something new and suspenseful!
I also really liked Elle. You keep connecting it back to Jack, it's amazing :) I also really like the character Elle has become. She's an individual and is so kind :) Great job!

Hey I am SO sorry I haven't been on in a while. I didn't have power for a week cuz of the storm so no internet :/ I just have a lot of crap and everything, junior year is a killer.
Anway, I'm reading the chapters now! Sorry its so long overdue

I will write my reviews tomorrow or tuesday... I want them to be good and I have a ton of make up work to do! Great chapters though, I loved them!!

nevermind, they just went up a second ago!

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