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About me.
I am 15 but I'm a junior and I'm not really sure how. Im in band, and I play the sax. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter but I havent told anybody so I guess this my way if coming out of the closet. Basketball fascinates me. I am a huge New York Yankees fan. I am an eagle scout. I
have recently discovered and love eminem, But usually I am a big fan of radiohead and Broadway( my favorite Broadway musical is In the Heights) I play piano, and I maintain a 3.9 gpa. I am mormon but I am extremely open minded and that is something I live by. My favorite bedtime story was Lafcadio the lion that shot back. I dont have a girlfriend and dont care for one and i dont have a boyfriend either. But I have a Bestfriend :) and she makes me giggle. I have a dog named paco. He has an owner named Ryan. I regurlarly take him on walks. Its how we bond. I am technically a triplet but one died so i guess I'm a twin? Maybe you guys can help me with that. I'm scared of hell, and maybe also heaven. I have excellent manners and so does my grandma. We often make weekend excursions to the local poker hall in hope os making it big and running away to start a buisness. It hasnt happened. Yet. I love apple. And also apples. Scrantoncity hates me.

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Welcome! If you want to help, the first thing you should do is go to post 585994, read my comment about the Groups, and choose a Group. You can use that post as the place to discuss progress, suggest ideas or ask questions.

thts not very polite. didnt even kiss me first.

Holy shiznits. I'm 15, an Eagle Scout, and I play saxophone!!!

You're a return missionary AND 15?

Y'all Texans are crazy. (; Just kidding, as I am Texan, too. You seemed cool, so I decided to add you. Cya around.

Haha well thanks. Its true though, he lacks the ability to be kind and forgive. "Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass againsts us" - Our Father. The prayer Jesus gave us. He can't even follow that.

It doesn't. Usually I ignore him.

Well, I just wanted to praise you for trying to be polite to Scranton. Even though he is truly an insufferable ****.

"Any fool can criticize, condem or complain and most fools do" -- Ben Franklin.

Trying to be nice to Scrantoncity is like trying to cuddle with a drugged up, disease ridden, raccoon with rabies. Just leave him and his tiny penis alone to have a fap party.

Uh... So that means you gave out your email and I sent you horrible things? No. That means you are a computer illiterate.
And I didn't send you any horrible things at all; what are you talking about? We debated about Mormonism, and that's it.

Liars like you stun me.

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