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About me.
Hey you never know, I could be famous for something one day, it's always the shy ones, amirite?
Lol, jk, I'm a lazy ****.

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Lol your bio made me laugh :D

Lolol my bad. D:
I'd add it if I hadn't shortened it.

Also, I was the mod on the back up site deleting some of your posts. (wary) Can't remember why. :P

Hey, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you didn't get in :( You've probably already seen the forum, and it's not because you're not afflent enough or because we don't like you personally, it's because you seem to be a moderate leaning to the right, which doesn't really fit with the LAPDANCE ideology.

Okay, I think you have enough knowledge of politics, and I'll submit you for membership soon.

Okay so you definetely passed that part. I'd say that you meet enough of the other reqs to get in, but of course it's ultimatley up to me, Ross, and PTB. The only other thing left to test you on is political knowledge, which I will do now. Note that this is just testing whether you pay attention to politics not whether you agree with me. I want your honest opinions, not ****-kissing. I'm trusting you not to Google a bunch of shit at the last second.
Answer these(I'm assuming that you're American but if you're not I have other questions):
1. What are your thoughts on the recent tragedy in Arizona. Adress it all from political rhetoric from gun control.

2. What is your take on the argument going on in the POTD?

Well the first step to joining is to take this PoliticalCompass.org/test and tell me your results. Good luck!

I wanna be a rapper when I grow up too ;)

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