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About me.
I would like to say I lead a very interesting life, being a secret agent or being a Hogwarts student by day and Death Eater by night kinda thing, but we all know that is so not true.

I am however slightly short.
I like vending machines when they're not stealing from me.
I have a amazing friends.
A Facebook wife who is the center of my universe. (She introduced me to this site.)
Tattoos and piercings. Have both. Need more. You know how it goes.
I love The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack.
Music. Fashion. Roller Derby = Love.
Severus Snape. Why did you have to die?

I'm going to have some milky juice now.


I lol'd when I saw your display picture
flapjack ftw

Check your Fb messages :)

Can't wait to see the action >:D! <3

Ahhh lucky, I still have four more days, and then exams!

Make, fosho. You can never have enough pancakes.

We're smashing bitches heads in?
I do so love it when you get aggressive o.O

Not as much as I love you
I misssssssss you muchly :(
AMPAGE for Tuesday once the stoopid exam is over you have to stay so we can hang out,yes?

Oh i did. I am its mother. Hahah.

I'm fabulous since today is so beautiful.
How are you?

ROLLER DERBY?!?!?!? >:D that sounds FUCKING AWESOME! : P
I will personally come and watch, just to see you smash some bitchs heads in >:D lol

and thanks lol, you have an awesome weekend yourself :)

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