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About me.
Well, hello, there! How are you? I can only imagine you stumbled on my profile by mistake, as I am actually very uninteresting.

I graduated from college in May '11 with a double major in Chinese and Japanese. I'm currently teaching in Shenzhen, China, and quite probably will be here for some time. Isn't that great?

On the weekends, I like to go rock climbing, play badminton, explore, sing karaoke, and write stories.

I always try to look on the bright side of things, no matter how bad they may seem. BECAUSE SMILES MAKE THE WORLD GO 'ROUND!! :D I'm generally pretty happy-go-lucky, but an intense conversation about, well, basically anything, is always welcome. I like to exercise my brain, too.

Likes: music (Silversun Pickups, Modest Mouse, etc), movies, post-modern literature, Goldschlagger, milk tea, coffee, and hot showers

Dislikes: arrogance, being late, spiders, and tomatoes

And there you have it!

See, like I said. Boring.

And now that I've finished, I think I'll wonder off and do something mildly productive.


Oh (cool)

I'm like that all the time, but I can never seem to go farther than half way up... I end up looking down and my heart starts pounding faster and I just can't go any further, it's weird though, because I get scared standing on chairs normally.

And! I'd like to add, that I'm not being racist and they actually were Chinese!

I really enjoy rock climbing, but I'm afraid of heights... oh the irony! I like tea and hot showers too. But anything is hot, if I'm doing it

I was in the gym the other day... and I saw a bunch of Chinese people play badminton... Happy New Year

ohhh right and national day...hmm i just went outttt :) partying!

haha its ok :)
i dont really know where im from...i'm like the definition of "third culture kid"...or 4th or 5th...i guess im kinda australian, but my dad is half finnish and half welsh, but i was born in england and thats the citizenship i have, as well as australian...but i've lived in China the longest

Haha yeeess I get what you mean with the speaking part...haha I love it when I talk to someone on the phone and they think I'm Chinese then don't believe me when I say I'm not...but writing...ugh. It just doesn't work for me. And teachers have never known what to do with me in terms of Mandarin sets because my speaking has always been completely fluent, but based on my writing I should be like bottom they kinda put me somewhere in the middle where im not learning ANYTHING in terms of speaking, but the writing is like way over my head :/ That's why I dropped Chinese as a subject, cuz all the exams are 70% writing/reading based so I was gonna fail :/
I'm not from the States...but I visited this Summer :)

Ohhh right...haha the OP is gonna think you just ignored me :P
:D Shanghai nightlife is awesome, yes?
I still live here, but yeah haha I've been totally fluent (SPEAKING/LISTENING NOTTTT READING/WRITING :/) since I was about 12. My mum hired an Ayi who couldn't speak any English because she really wanted my brother and I to learn Mandarin...and mum works alll the time so when I was little I was babysat a lot by my Ayi, so I learnt mandarin pretty quick :P It helped that I was so young, I just kinda picked it up. Ohh and it helped that I'm really musical, so the tones are super easy for me. Haha but I'm not AT ALL a visual learner so the characters just...dont work for me. Lol I know about 300, that's it.
Do you find writing or speaking easier?
Haha and how are you finding China/Chinese culture in general?

Hey, thankyou for the fav... I guess your profile picture's from Spirited Away...? Love that movie :)

Wall virginity=mine :). Check out my profile!

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