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About me.
Hey i'm Bassam.
I was born in Australia with a Middle Eastern background I've lived Norway for close to 5 years and now I'm back Down Under.
I'm an Atheist, I don't mind peoples religious views but it's not for me.
Love to read and write, poetry or pros doesn't really matter. Philosophy is great!
Love to play Basketball, football/soccer and love chilling with my mates.
Rock and Punk are great!

Don't really see the point in saying more, have a good day :)

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So I haven't been on here in like a year...woahh things have changed. xD

How is it living in Norway?

You're welcome.

Bassam is a lovely name.

aww okayy im sorry I will right now :)

hehe pranks that sounds wicked fun....near halloween me + my cousins did that to my little cousins freakign the heck outta 'em..FUN FUN FUN! :D yhh i wish i could go trick or treating ohh wellz. :)

Yeahh I love my cousins but like none of them have fb..:( nicee.. U know for science/biology i have to MEMORIZE ALL THE STUPID LITTLE PARTS OF...get this...A DUMB WORM!! Im like..dude whyyy? Ohh wellzers. :/ well they mean for trick or treating..idk my friends might have a party..i might go idk yet. :) Yeahh ooh i thought u meant for today..i mean yesterday..well coolio. :D

lol lmaoo adding family can be weird xDD OOh nicee ill have 2 remember to wish u a happy bday. :D Im 15 sixteen in june..:) U know dude i was thinking gummy worms but dang they're too slow they like crawl + cant march. :/ Oohh well..:( No plans for halloween sadly my parents say im too old :/ But ill live ^_^ u?

Omg nice! *high fives* seniors next year! Woottt!! :D Yeahh lots of my friends/family dun do fb idk y..its like cmon peeps! Anywhoo how old are u archie? yeaahh the gummy bear one went super but the marshmallow one got..ermm shall we say sticky? :P xD Ohh nicee sounds fun! :D

Ur in school bro? Im in 11th..i cant wait till im just DONE! xD Lol everyone has fb xDDD K ill add u + send u a message so ya know its meh :D Ermm new..lets see..the gummy bear invasion was a success..but other than that nope nope..xD Any plans for halloween?

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