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About me.
-I'm Cissa
-I'm 16 years old
-I'm from the lovely state of Connecticut
-I'm a classical music enthusiast
-I'm a Harry Potter freak
-My favorite characters have to be all five members of the Black family, cause they so freakin' dysfunctional
-My username "Ariodante" is an opera by Handel
-I'm a dancer, and a cheerleader
-I mostly dance contemporary and jazz, but most of my training is in ballet
-I've had voice lessons since I was seven
-I sing classical, and some jazz
-I'm a songwriter
-I'm a soprano 1 in my choir
-I can yodel
-I taught myself how to play the piano
-I correct the posture of strangers
-I love classical music, my favorite eras are Baroque and Romantic
-My family makes fun of how polite I am
-I'm Libertarian Conservative
-I'm Pro-Choice
-I make a hobby out of remembering things
-Speaking of remembering things...
-I know all my countries and capitals, plus the largest cities and national languages of a lot of them
-That being said, telling me that you "know every country on this planet" and that I'm just a dumb American will do nothing to impress me or hurt my confidence.
-I can name the 10 most popular baby names every year from 1980 to 2010
-I've never forgotten someone's name. In my life.
-I know every element on the periodic table
-I can name every movie that's ever won "Best Picure" at the Academy Awards (give me a year-I dare you)
-You've probably stopped caring by now, but I'm going to ramble on anyway
-I collect dolls (mock me and die)
-I'm an INFP
-While I'm sure you find all this fascinating, I'm all out of facts. Addiju! (That's goodbye, folks)

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Congrats on POTD :)

what song is it?

wow, thats awesome!! good luck to you! :D

just in school... im in chorale

i am a soprano 1 too :D

It's true. So I'm going to be at summer camp over the midnight premiere, with no electronics or connection to the outside world until a week after the movie comes out. I'M SO BUMMED. I've grown up on Harry Potter and have been involved with new releases of books/movies since elementary school, and now it's the last one and I'm gonna miss it! Sad day.

Hahah don't judge, my friend was Harry Potter last year! When we were getting food beforehand a ton of people came up to us and asked to take pictures with us :P But yeah, I pretty much considered anyone who dressed up awesome, even if it was slightly unoriginal.

I used to act, but I decided to focus on singing, and I only act when I'm singing musical theater. Still, classical singing is my forte, and I WISH I could dance! I think ballet is so beautiful, but I feel as though you have to start when you're really young to go far in it. :(

You'll have to start some this time when you're Voldy and Quirrell!

I like the Romantic and Classical eras, but I do enjoy some Baroque (I love Handel's Messiah). I sing classical art songs as well as operatic arias, but I have gotten into musical theater in recent years.

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