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About me.
I have an autistic disorder that ranges from mild to moderate. I also have ADHD and many other issues I won't mention.

Important facts about me:

- I have no religion. I don't believe in any religion because to me all it does is create war and bullying.

- Yes, I am autistic. As I said above, i have an autistic disorder that ranges from mild to moderate as well as ADHD and other issues I won't mention.

- I am straight BUT I do support gay marriage. I see nothing wrong with it because I believe that love should have no boundaries so long as its between two people who love each other. Pedophilia and Bestiality don't count so don't throw that at me.

- I don't care what you think about me.


- Paranormal
- Anime
- Alice in Wonderland
- Miyazaki's films
- Pokemon
- Final Fantasy
- Kingdom Hearts
- Victorious
- iCarly
- Degrassi
- ShizAya
- Music

My inspirations:

- Maysoon Zayid; the reason she is my inspiration is not just because she is Muslim. She is one person that knows what its like just to have a disability and supports those like me.

- Haruhi Suzumiya; seriously, this girl could be my twin. We both love the paranormal and anything that relates to the supernatural. I could go on and on about this.

- Alice; no, not from twilight but from Alice in Wonderland. I feel like I relate to her because we both live in that wonderland where everything that is isn't and everything that isn't is... if you catch my drift.

- Music; yes, music. Music is my life. Without music, I probably wouldn't even know WHO I was. Music is what calms me and also helps me concentrate better on what I am doing. Music isn;t just my life but also therapy for me as well.

- My friends; yes, they are also my inspiration because they are what makes me as strong as I am. They are very dear to me and I would fight for them even if I had to die trying.

- My boyfriend; the most sweetest, cutest, happy go lucky guy in the world. He is hardworking and the biggest inspiration to me of all. He loves me for who I am, not for something I could never be. He has the smile that brightens my whole world and he's the light that shines through my most darkest of days. I love him with all of my heart and soul. <3

(I'll edit this later when I'm not lazy.


Hey, I'm like you. I'm autistic, and music plays a big part in my life. ^.^

agh yes they're so cute together ;w;
Welcome, by the way~!


You are a very inspiring person, it seems. Overcoming struggles and living life to it's fullest is something everyone should be striving for, not necessarily just people with autism.

Too true. That's the internet for you.

Your Bio is very inspiring. Tell me, did you struggle to accept your autism? I find that things I am comfortable with about myself and in my life I struggled to accept at first.

Hey sorry for being a little rude, I just read your bio and figured out the answer to my last question.

Hey you seem very passionate about Autism awareness. Do you see it in your life or know somebody close to you who has it?

Yeah that's probably best. :)

Yeah you can definitely find them everywhere. Best of luck to you on here though. There's just as many sweet people as there are rude.

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