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About me.

I'm eighteen, a girl, 5'4, I have green eyes and absolutely love to laugh :) I enjoy music, hanging with my friends and I wish I could more but sadly college has departed us :(

Favorite movies: World Trade Center, 300, Blonde, RENT (only musical I can sit through), Tamara, every Stephen King movie known to man!

Favorite bands: avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, escape the fate, trivium, and no other than journey (the most randomist band I could've included)

Favorite activities: acting, singing (I love my bandmates xD), reading (Harry potter, hunger games, Lisa kleypas's work, Stephen king, the series of unfortunate events..yea)

Hmm..I think that's all.


you have amazing music taste :)

The guy she likes likes her back.

OMG I (l) A7X :DD

I don't's just so confusing. Everything reminds me of her. Have a conversation about COD, and I think about the time she told me when she first played COD with her brother. Practice guitar, and I think about her telling me about her guitar. When I listen to this song:

It makes me non-stop think about her for the whole song, which sucks because it is my song obsession now, meaning I can't stop listening to it.

But she told me who her crush is, and guess what? It's not me.

I think I legitimately love her. Like true love, because what I like about her is like 30% physical, and (guys do this all the time, to every girl) I thought about what it would feel like to fuck her, and it made me realize that what I like about her is hardly physical. And also, most people, when they go on a rant or start telling a story to me, I always am looking for the right moment to interrupt (my greatest flaw) to give my input, but with her, (and she tells me literally everything) it's just so....different. I would listen to her talk all day. Whenever I see her with another guy, my blood boils and my heart clenches.
And I've had loads of crushes and just-friends relationships before, but with her it's different. I have literally almost gotten tears in my eyes just because I missed her.

Sorry about pouring my heart out to you. I just have to tell someone.

Sorry I made it short, I am supposed to be doing homework lol.

Yeah no problem.

Okay, well, it started when I developed a friendship with a girl two years ago. She was in 6th grade and I was in 7th. At the time, we were just friends, but this year, we got to be really close friends, but still, just friends. Everybody thought we had a thing, but it was all false rumors, you know, middle school gossip. Eventually, the rumors died down, but now....alkdfjaskljdfwlkef;....I can't stop thinking about her... :(

confuzzled to an oblivion right now.

Agh......if you want a long story about what is going on in my ever so confusing life right now, please respond.

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