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About me.
I'm Avery. I'm a senior in high school.
I live in a beach town on the east coast of the US. I love it here, but I'm going far far away for college.

I love dresses and pearls and books and lame puns and the color yellow and Gator football and the sound of streams and macro-photography and the Weasley twins and polysyndeton.

I tend to laugh out loud when I'm on the computer, to the annoyance of whomever is in the room with me. But if I've favorited/loved your post/comment, know that it most likely actually made me laugh out loud (y)

I am a Christian Libertarian, mostly conservative. I basically love the Bible and the Constitution. I believe in Creationism (though maybe not as literally as some other Christians) and very little government interfering in my life. Sometimes I'm in the mood to defend and debate these beliefs but other times I just get frustrated too easily.

Send me a message, yo!

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And don't have anything to do? G'ahh, why can't you be a loser like I and get on constantly?!?

Ha, no shave November after the Vagina month, is that coincidence? And do you get on once a month? (d)

Ah yes, it's for vagina awareness month... Ya know, October?

Oh what's up you no longer speak to me :<
Was it my perverted joke?

You mean THC? Guess what else is under wraps? (hello)

Wait so you two are... CLONES?

Oh is she actually your sister? You have similar body structures

Is that a picture of you and a random person you paid to pretend to be your friend, so you can take the pic without looking lonely?

Oh, thank Prince, it's not just me! My mother wanted to take me to get my eyes examined again.

Son of a gun... it does exist! I mean I knew what you meant... I just didn't think, people actually used it. So good job you hipster! Although if it hasn't caught on in 4 years, I doubt it will ever go mainstream :<

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