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About me.
About me:
-My fav books are The Summoning and the Harry Potter Series.
-Amirite is better than MLIA.
-That wasn't really about me.
-I like reading, writing, and all that other stuff. 0.o
-I have no idea what else to write here.



Do you specifically scan the comments sections looking for people that are synedocotes(don't know how to spell it, but meanig percieve words and music as colors, etc) and start talking to them, trying to find out everything about them and how they view things, etc???

Ack, my horrendous spelling in those former two messages appalls me, again I am sorry.

Read below one first then this one... also, sorry for the bad spelling on the last one and hopefully not this one too. Computer is screwy.

Anyways, this leads me to remember situation wrong compared to what other people think happened. But you see, this is just an example of how everyones perception of reality is different.
Those were just examples of the past and present perceptions of reality. Why can't we extrapolate? Into the future? WHat if people likeus notice these little things that happen? Perhaps, although we don't know it, we can see the undercurrents and patterns that shape what is to dcme? Our perception of reality may be skewed from other people's, but if it gives us an insight to thesesthings that other people don't notice or know or realize, doenst ths give us advantage?
But it doesn't, not unless we suddenly one day figure out how to use it and understad why and how these work. In the meantime, we will just stay utterlyt confused and alone on our islands of consciousness, so differnt form one another and yet so similar to each other somhow.

:P I've been told I should be a pohilosopher, with some of the thinking I do. And this barely scratches the surface.

Anywyas, again, SO SORRY for the misspspellings, my computer is being screwy twitchy like it is on crack... talk to you soon, and hiopefully next time I'll get baxck sooner, not a month later :P

Sorry for not having responded in.. forever. But maybe, I don't think everyone is like this, noticing the little things, subconsciuously coming to the right conclusions and not knowing..
Maybe we are just special :)
But that also scares me.
Because, and this is what I am on right now, the idea of everyone's perception of reality. At first, you are thinking, how does this relate to our conversation? But you see, it does.

Because everyone percieves reality a little different than everyone else. No one seems to see the exact same thing or event. Take colors for instance. How often can everyone agree on the same color being portrayed? How often can they not?
And even recollection of events. WHen we remember, we all store these memories differently than everyone else. Depending on our circumstances and views, these are directly imposed upon our what we view the world, and even how we remember the faces we see. Like me, for instance, I have this ... thing... woth my brain, where I am much more suseptable to notuce the subtle emotions on peple faces and react as if they are portayed alot stronger than they are, because to me they are. See, if soemone was only had about 10% anger slowly crepping into the sides of their s,mile, I would percieve it asn 50%. This hekps me react better to people and keep things from going out of control and noticing the subtler emotions on people faces, but also it leads to me remmebering situations "wrong" to what other people remember the situau

Your name is green with a little yellow and white. Mine is red and orange and purple, kinda like a sunset.

Nah, I believe it. That's cool :)

Bhaha, what is it? :D

Well, once on vacation, my sister and cousins and I were sitting out watching the sunset in the desert. We found a desert squirrel, and we talked to it in English. It made a "EEEEEE" Sound, and I made one back. I kept the conversation going, and soon more joined in. Do you have any crazy talents?

Each musical note has as color, the highest being pink and the lowest a dark mahogany. In between there are some reds and oranges but not many greens for some reason. Songs, instead of being a series of colored notes, show up more like ink in water with my favorite songs being multicolored and my least favorite dark blue or black. Since rap is ALWAYS black, white, and yellow, I really hate it. Choir singing (the religious type) somehow manages to always end up in pale pinks and oranges no matter the song.
Each letter of the alphabet also has a distinctive color with A being red B being blue C being yellowish-green and so on. When letters are in words they follow a sort of color-dominance. The color of the first letter is brighter than the others, but two of the same letter beside each other are just as bright, and a letter beside an O or an I (which are white) will be more pastel but show up more clearly, like they've mixed.
AwakeningSeptember- Red-green-orange-indigo.
FlyingGuineaPig- Tan-olive-really hideous shade of pink from mixing a paler version of the atrociously pink P with the purple G.
Some books also have a "taste" which is hard to describe but I think has to do with the author's writing style. Harry Potter tastes like sweet bread. Twilight is sticky and sweet and I really don't like it. The Hunger Games were stale. My favorite books taste like ice cream.
I plan to be a writer, and when I write it tastes like butterscotch.

That's strange though. Do you mean like. . . I don't know. I understand what you are saying, but I don't ugh I've ever heard of it before, really. And sorry if i didn't make as much sense, I re-read what you wrote and understood it the second time around.
And no, I don't think I have. Not of what I can recall, anyhow.
Nope. Wracking my brains and I can't think of a single instance.
Or maybe I have. Thinking about what if something happened, and then it happens as you thought it? Maybe.
I don't know. I have a bad memory anywho.

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