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About me.
1. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
2. Troll - in the dungeons - thought you ought to know.
3. I am: an otaku, a Harry Pothead (yeah, that's right, it just HAD to be mentioned), a huge AVPM fan, an avid reader, a theater techie, am interested in Greek mythology, am a Mac, like to travel, ride roller coasters, watch Avatar: The Last Air Bender, anime, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Office, my favorite colour is purple and my favorite music genre is alternative (favorite band - Panic! At The Disco), I'm obsessed with YouTube (DFTBA!), I like video games (The Legend of Zelda!), love to use ellipses, miss the old Disney, love musicals, and adore Tim Burton.
4. I seem to have fallen in love with multiple fictional characters . . .
5. Nerdfighter, Starkid, Risembool Ranger, Beardlover, Mythical Beast, and Whovian. I suppose I'm also an "Amiriter" . . .


Hey there! I'm Jeanette. I couldn't help but notice that in your bio, you mentioned that Panic! is your favourite band. Well, I was listening to Dan Cummins earlier today (he's an awesome comedian, in case you haven't heard of him), and he referenced a Panic! song in a joke of his.

Yeah, I haven't been able to find a good quality one either.
It sounds good from what I have heard already.

Have you heard "Karma Police" from Panic! at the Disco? It's a Radiohead cover.

Our amirite? compatibility is at 'super.' I'm going to assume that we're BFFs.


Your link to nowhere is not helpful.

BTWs, you should check out my new post about Firefly.

Aaaaah yes. I remember that post. I courageously advocated the rights of all to wear their sideburns as long and bushy as they wanted.

What post?

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