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About me.
I'm from South Carolina. I'm also profoundly embarrassed by the reputation other people from this state give the rest of us. (Governor Mark Sanford, Mrs. Teen SC, etc.) Anyway, we're not all uneducated rednecks. I've been on amirite for a while now but just recently got the motivation to create an account. I'm going off to college in the fall where I plan to study English and look into law school.
I have a tendency to be very cynical and sarcastic. Although not an ****. I'm actually really easygoing and I make friends easily. I love soccer. Arsenal for life!!! I like to post thoughts that are original, people can relate to, or can learn from. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I love meeting new people,


Way to brag :P

So, i noticed that no one has ever loved any of your posts!! And i felt kinda bad for i looked at some and loved a few. Your welcome!;) But i also promise it wasnt a pitty love, haha i genuinly like your posts! Kay, thats all i got to say!!!!

:) yeah I guess I'm more like her. I got offered an alcoholic drink before they realized I wasn't of age. My brother won a bottle of wine with my cousin, but since none of us drink they just shook it up and opened the bottle for the fun of it lol.
Vandy is so pretty. I'm definitely going to apply there :) Tennessee in general is beautiful. I was so upset when we were leaving. The more I go out to new places, the more upset I become when I come back home. I really want to get out of Sugar Land. I love the rolling hills especially. How's South Carolina? I don't recall if I ever visited there. Does it have pretty hills and mountains as well?

haha yepp! It's especially funny when you're friends think you're so creative and funny. There was a point in time where my friends would come up to me and say that when they were bored they would go to my profile page to read something entertaining lol. Yeah I know :) too bad I can't lay a finger on most of them because they're taken :/ my time will come :]
I really wanted to go scuba diving this year! Last time I went snorkeling and I was too chicken to release my air to go all the way down to the bottom. But it was really cool because a barracuda went right under me and the bottom of the ocean just looked so cool :) Did you see a school of fish? OH NO WAY! that's cool! What did you do? drink something lol
ooh well how fortuitous of you to meet her. I wish I met someone from Sugar Land but they were all from different parts of Houston.
haha did you really like it that much?! (nice use of SAT words btw :D) I get sick of too much chocolate so I could never finish the part on the inside and then I would feel bad about wasting food.
Yeah I didn't stick around the clubs very long either except for the first day to meet people. We were only in the lounge to eat or play cards when no one else was there lol. We spent most of our time on the top deck.
I'm leaving tomorrow to drop my brother to Vanderbilt :) I'll be gone until Sunday. I'm sooo excited for you!!!

(continued)... I was acting distant with him and he tried to make a stupid apology. and all of that happened within 2-3 days. I miss the white sand beaches, clear blue water, standing at the front of the ship with the wind whipping at my hair while I looked up at the starry night :) I would actually go out at night after I showered and let the wind dry my hair lol.
oh and I almost forgot. Our ship rescued about 8 people from a small raft. We think they were Cubans, but we can't be sure. SO what about you? I expect a detailed summary similar to mine :D hehe

oh yeah haha have fun but study hard :) & good luck! hehe I like stealing from here too. Sometimes I remember the perfect thing to stick into a conversation, or I would make my favorite posts my statuses lol. :P It was uhm pretty interesting. I felt like the food wasn't as good as the last cruise I went on, but it was still pretty good. I wasn't as obsessed with their chocolate melting cake this time. Oh and I lost 2lbs, probably from climbing so many flights of stairs since the elevators were so slow. I got stuck in an elevator AGAIN. I also didn't except to run into any boy/girl drama while on vacation but I was sadly mistaken :/. I barely got any sleep, though, because I slept late at night to be with friends but my parents woke me up early in the morning because they don't like me sleeping late. I went jet skiing and banana boating, but I wanted to go para-sailing and swimming with dolphins :/ What did you do at your excursions? I made some pretty cool friends. One of my guy friends pretended to have a Multiple Personality Disorder until the last day. It made all of us pretty mad, but it was really interesting to think about the situation afterwards. He was also the same chump that told me he liked me, got jealous and angry when I went off alone with one of my guy friends, kissed me on the cheek, and then made out with another girl the next day (multiple times) thinking he could get away with it and then acted like nothing happened, and got upset that I was acting dist...

I've lived in Texas my whole life and the heat still gets to me :( What are you gonna be doing in Columbia?
My baby :) <3
Yeah I do the same thing but it takes me 3 times as long to finish my work :/
I just got back from my cruise today :)

I'll be suspending children left and right
I'll be the best worst teacher EVER

Ahh I get it...
I doubt I'll be changing, English seems to be the thing for me
I'd love to teach, I'd be such a great teacher (y)

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