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About me.
I'm from Florida
I looove reading, acting, writing, and drawing
My favorite music is classic rock, acoustic, and some dance music
Movies are the best :)
Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Troy, Across the Univerese

Be free, be open-minded, be educated, be healthy, be passionate, be happy.


Haha, same here.

WHY ARE THERE NO GOOD BOOKS THESE DAYS!!! It's all realistic fiction, which is okay sometimes, but realistic stories just don't have any affect on me.

Haha, I would put some fancy quote here, but I haven't read that book in ages :/

I've got a lot of rereading to do.

Definitely. It kind of sucks that they've only focused on the ones with Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.

But I think the Horse and His Boy would make a good movie. That one was always my favorite.

Me too, I think it'll be the best out of the ones they've made so far.

I think they're making the last book into a movie too!!

Pssh, I'm ashamed to say that I still need to finish it:/ I think I'm halfway through the Silver Chair.

But they are worthy of rereading. I think I've read the first one twice

Ahh, If only the entrance wasn't so bloody difficult to find >:-|

I'm contemplating painting the map of Narnia onto my bedroom wall.

Haha, there was a time in my life (seventh grade) where I decided that I really hate this world and I wanted to move to Narnia.

Your welcome :)

Seriously though, the world really needs some good new authors. I've always admired it how some writers can string together an entire new world. It's always so fun when an author creates a new world or a slightly altered version of ours. It always makes me want to visit that place and join the main characters on their escapades and adventures.

Your idea sounds really interesting. Plus it would definitely involve some research, which authors these days seem to try to avoid. But if you really become devoted to that idea, I bet you could put together one amazing story.

I usually enjoy drawing with pencil then going over with pastels. Sometimes I'll work with sharpies.
I really like drawing trees somewhat realistically, then making everything else look sort of abstract.

So if you write a novel, what do you think it would be about? Like the genre, or the setting. I think our society needs a new good book sensation.

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