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About me.
My other account is UhOhBananaTime

*My name is Billee
*17 years old
*I'm kind of a huge nerd
*I enjoy Harry Potter more than the average person
*Music > Life
*The Used. Every Avenue. Enter Shikari. Alesana. Anberlin. Sleeping With Sirens. Pierce The Veil. A Skylit Drive. Chiodos. We Came As Romans. The Word Alive. Asking Alexandria. Anarbor. This Providence.
*David Ryan Strauchman, Michael Jagmin, Shawn Milke, Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn, Slade Echeverria are the reasons my heart is still beating
*I'm a level 10 gymnast
*I've broken 23 bones
*Future health care provider and proud of it
*Blood and guts excite me
*Straightedge bitches
*I like shots (as in the needles, not vodka or jello)
*Skinny emo boys with snake bites = Yummy
*My hobbies include planking, offending people and not wearing pants
*I have a dark sense of humor
*I overuse the phrases "your mom" "that's what she said" and the word "creepy"
*I do not like small children and babies. I think they're gross and annoying
*Bo Burnham, Daniel Tosh, and Demetri Martin changed my life
*If I say something, it's usually best not to take it too seriously
*I have a thorough understanding of both sides of the political spectrum and I tend to lean more towards the liberal side (There's nothing innocent about a fetus! I'll abort it if I want too!)
*One last thing... I'M A BANANA!

Pre-Order Every Avenue's new record Bad Habits. GO!

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hey. have u taken a dump today?

Me 2, except the jizzing and the marathon x)

In the meantime, you could listen to this;

Read that you enjoy Harry Potter - Have you seen the last movie :D :D :D So great!!

It was just that one girl, cough..prude..

I LOLED so hard at your Porn post, and apparently based on how often we vote in the same way, our compatibility with each other is "Off the charts" so HEY THERRR!

not much you? :)

My life is pretty strange today. Yours?

I was confused there for a second hah. And why thank you! You're profile pretty much sums up my life. Just satin. I mean to say 'sayin' but I'm too lazy to go back and change that...

I LOVE Bo Burnham and Demetri Martin!

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