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About me.
A bear is just a man who made a choice.

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Darn that money...
Oh not too terribly much. I have to move out in the next week and I left work today because I felt like I was about to fall over.

So what? You want to see the world, remember?

Oh my goodness. Please don't die or get deported. And if you ever feel like seeing Seattle let me know =] gotta experience some north west, si?

We're not all lazy =b Do you miss home? What did you do for the holidays? Far as I know constant tiny is over. Everyone got busy and there were stupid dramas and stuffs. But you know, we do live in the same country now. We could talk on the phone =O You're three hours ahead of me though. Always living in the future.

=O yes I am! Alive and well in fact. Are YOU still alive??

Merry Christmas (smile)

That's definitely a dead time on tiny. Americans are rarely there when the Europeans aren't since the Europeans are usually the majority. What happened with your exams? B's are good though, no worries.

Haha, Chapel Hill sounds tiny. Nothing to do?

O.o When do you even get online? That can't be a fun hour.
Are you enjoying college though? Even if it's more work. And you call Americans lazy, pfft. =b

Hope you haven't died. And you know how it was really hot before? Well now it's going to get cold. Break out those sweaters of yours.
Also, I would just like to point out that I was right. You haven't added me on Google+ even though I have one.

Don't freeze or anything (l)

Miss you, Wally.

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