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About me.
Hello, I'm Allyson. I'm sixteen and in 10th grade. I deem myself to be mainly open-minded to new ideas and thoughts. I have what I call and "internet sense of humor". I'm American, and I feel the need to establish that because of the (thank God!) diversity on this site :) My main interests are The Beatles, the anime Bleach, writing, reading, playing music (clarinet/guitar), and drawing/painting/sculpting.
My role model is John Lennon, warts and all. The Beatles have a large influence on my life. I study them more than I study for school. I've watched countless hours of documentries, I own ten books on John Lennon and the Beatles, I'm a member of forums, and I probably spend 80% of my music-listening-time listening to them. It's my biggest hobby and passion.
Bleach is my second love currently. I haven't read the whole series, and I'm slightly behind on the anime, but I really enjoy it. I write fanfiction. Most don't see the light of day... I do have a account. I'm a supporter of IchiRuki. My favorite character is Ulquiorra Cifer.
I write, and I currently have two almost finished novels. I participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) every November. I tried Scriptfrenzy, and wrote 100 pages and realized it was awful and stopped.
I've always been interested in the arts. I sang when I was little, but I became too self conscious to continue, and I wish I would have. I play clarinet in my school's symphonic (Higher) band, and I'm self-teaching myself the guitar after some failed lessons and attempts. I just ended my semester of art, but I still continue to paint in my own leisure. I'm not great, but I do it for a release and for fun.
I currently just finished German II, so although I'm not fluent, I can speak some and understand some. I can read it better than speak it, which seems to be the case with most languages. I want to travel to Germany one day.
One of my big opnions that I don't get to voice very often is my take on music and the people who listen to it. The line of becoming a fan of a band is muddled and hard to see. In my eyes, it doesn't matter how you discovered the band, whether you were surfing the internet, saw them on tv, or was introduced by friends. It doesn't matter if the band is "mainsteam" or "overrated". If you enjoy the music you are a fan. If you enjoy the bass player, maybe not. If you enjoy the bass player AND the music, you're a fan. It doesn't matter how you got there. If you like what you hear, nobody has the right to tell you you're not a fan. Unless it's Facebook, then you just "like" the band.


I don't really know where my picture is from. I just found it one day,sorry.

Oh my frakking god I finally found someone who likes the Beatles as much as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indeed, it does! The SN just popped into my head once for some reason and it stuck with me. ^_^

Haha thanks me too :)

Thanks! i like ur username :D

I think I tried to read it when I was in, like, 4th grade but I didn't get it at all :P

I can't play barre chords.
And thanks for the recommendation! It's okay, I creeped on yours too... :P

Exactly :D haha.

Clarinet and guitar! *high five*
I'm teaching myself guitar too, and having some issues...

Happy pi day!

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