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Yes, I do... and I understand...I wrote that when I was kinda tired, and reading over it again didn't make much sense. I saw I added at the end "rather gay marriage" and it just didn't make sense. I'm not always the best person with putting my odd thoughts into words un-insane people will understand...

Oh. Sorry. Well... It's a bit juvenile, but when I was young, I was a very sheltered child. I always grew up thinking marriage was between a man and a woman. Men liking other men, or the same with woman was not even something I thought possible.(I still feel that way.) Then I learned what gay people were and I was fine with it. (Until I met a few of them... Let's just say, they really gave me a bad impression on gays. So for awhile, I didn't even like gays... but I got over that.) Marriage was created for a man and a woman, at first. So they could reproduce and all that junk. So marriage is not for gay people. Joined unions are. I don't know if this really makes much sense, sorry... it makes sense in my head, and believe me, it is messed up in there. If you would like me to make this a bit clearer, let me know...

I fixed it. Is that better? I apologize, I put the wrong thing up. Please do not go off on me about not believing in gay marriage though, okay? (BTW,even if I didn't like gay people like that, I don't see how it would make me ignorant. Agree to disagree?)

Hmm...I wonder how you found my profile. Like I said, its a long story. No, I just do not like gay people. I said, if you actually care, message me, and I will explain the whole mess of my opinions, kay? You don't have to be rude and call people ignorant for having an opinion.

You're right. I'm going to change it to Anti-Islam, because I'm not necessarily against Muslim people, just their barbaric and violent religion.

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