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About me.
My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but seriously, call me Bella.
Well, I live in Forks, Washington, but I used to live in Arizona. I miss it there, but I love Edward soo much so it's okay. We're soul mates and he is beautiful and, and...sparkly, and, oh his eyes are gold! He's a vampire, but that doesn't matter to me. He says sometimes that I should be careful because he could easily kill me, but then again, he's quite the jokester! My best friend is Alice, and she's a vampire too! They're nice vampires though, because they don't kill people though! My other best friend is Jacob Black, and he's a werewolf. I don't know why, but he doesn't think I should be with Edward. It's just plain crazy! I hate it when they fight, cause I just love them both so much!


Bellatrix Lestrange,

You are being sent to azkaban due to your past records of supporting He-who-must-not-be-named. Also, you are putting us at the risk of exposure by exploiting fairies.

The Ministry of Magic

Me, a psycho? Ooh Bellatrix, you've been hanging out with those Muggles too much.

I'm afraid I'll have to inform the ministry of your return. Sorry Bellatrix, but any potential supporters of Voldemort have to be reported to the Ministry.
And why do you keep calling the fairies "vampires"? The Ministry has already stated that if you live in a forest, and sparkle, you are a fairy indeed. Tut tut, the Ministry might as well reserve you a spot at St. Mungos.

Is your memory unclear after being dead for over a decade Bellatrix? Have you come back as an inferius? I would guess so.
If you're good now, maybe Narcissa will be glad to welcome you back into her home, now that Voldy's gone.

Bella? As in, Lestrange? You're alive? I thought Mama Weasley finished you off twelve years ago! >:-(


i though you were to busy bitting you lip to be able to talk.

Hi mommy!

Guess what....I love you!

Hahahahahah, too late now(:

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