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*hides behind curtains, shaking with fear*

Good luck with that.

And somehow I know that this is just George playing a joke, because let's be real here Bella... If you really were alive and well, you would have hunted us down ages ago, unless of course, you were chicken. And even if you are alive and well, you are hiding behind a computer screen, how very... brave of you. Voldemort is gone, as are a lot of the death eaters, and any death eaters still around have either changed their ways or are in Azkaban. So get over yourself.

See, too bad you're kinda already dead. And who did that again? Oh yeah, MY MOM.

*Dodges* That had better not be a shot at Hermione! I swear, you say one more word about her!

Do you want me to unleash my mom on you again?!


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