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About me.
19 years old
Architecture major
I come here to share my opinions, encounter people who are actually awesome, & troll the hell out of the baby hipsters who think they're better than everyone :]
I am in a sorority, so hopefully the fact that i even USE this website will dispel some stereotypes about that.

but seriously, if you aren't a snob, don't be afraid to talk to me. i honestly like everyone.

BetaEmission's Top 3


Really, I was just having a lazy stalk of your profile and thought I'd mention that.

I guess that makes sense. I'm actually quite impressed you took the time to give me a solid explanation of what you meant.

"troll the hell out of the baby hipsters who think they're better than everyone"
"if you aren't a snob"
"i honestly like everyone."

I just have to say, that seems a little inconsistent.

you're now one of the very few people I know that don't like Glee haha. I just don't get whats so "cool" about it.

hahaha that sounds so awesome! Challenging...but awesome! :D

Maybe the drawing part really isn't the fun part!

Whoa. Awesome :) What school is it?

Yeah... Not a ton of jobs are necessarily "recession-proof" . So I guess no matter what I end up doing, I imagine it'll all be difficult to start out in.

What sorts of things do you get to design?

:D! I can't wait. :)

Hahaha. I'm taking some architectural drawing classes next year in school so i guess I'll find out what its like soon enough :)

Great, the 2 things I want to go to college for are the 2 most brutal. Imagine that. :P

So does Japan.

:D! I'm not a snob. YOU SHALL LIKE ME D:< .

Architecture major hmm? Is it fun? What's it like? I've always kinda been interested in architecture..

A female troll? What is this I don't even

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