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About me.
ok lets get this done and over with!
name: Bethany. do not shorten it i will bite your head off
age: 15
****: girl
i live on youtube. my favourite youtubers are italktosnakes, CTFxC, lukeconard, winterspringpro, volgbrothers, charlieissocoollike, nerimon, hexacordal, raywilliamjhonson, hopeonatenspeed, owlssayhoot, elmfy, sxephill (thanks to The_Enlightened) and many others. add me on youtube if you wish i am bethanytheravenclaw
i love love love to read.
i am a harry potter nerd.
i belong to the house of ravenclaw
i am Canadian eh
i love hearing Canadian stereotypes people think are true.
i'm always asked if i'm Bi but no i'm not. i'm straight. i think it is because i jokingly flirt with my friends. also i get asked if i think i'm a hipster or they just straight up call me a hipster. i don't get it but what ever.
my friend just told me i am indie i don't really care but i'm cool with indie.

so i thought i would add some political stuff on here. i do not believe in abortion, there are a few exceptions i am willing to admit. i still think adoption is the way to go though. i'm all for gay marriage. if a straight man can marry the woman he loves then why cant a gay man/woman marry the man/woman they love? also how does them marrying the person they love affect you? i don't really support any party yet,because i am to young to vote i don't really care to much yet. also i want more then anything to do as much good as humanly possible.

i want to become a psychologist. people say i give good advice so if you have a problem you can talk to me and i'll do my best to help you out.

i am learning how to play the bass and i adore it!

why yes i am dressed as a mime in my picture! it's makeup for a play i'm in.



Ugh, no offense to your sister but that is ridiculous. I straighten my hair, but that's because it's terrible and unmanageable if I don't. It's more for practical reasons actually

I'm glad it's that way...

I think in high school, everything's more relaxed as far as stereotypes go, because we have tons of athletic people in the fall play(which I am in) and "popular" people in quiz bowl.

I agree completely! I hate it when I see these really young kids who are obviously in such a hurry to grow up

ahhh, i get that too. i kind of get a free pass because i'm in cross country and track, but the "cool sports" at my school are volleyball, basketball, and football...and it doesn't help that i'm a regualr on my quiz bowl team

Same. It's just that I don't always chose to do so

Thanks for the advice :) I feel loads better now.

In 8th grade, there was this one teacher who hated me(it wasn't just in my head, people would literally come up to me and ask me why she hated me)and she was TERRIFYING.

Yeah, I mean I can be both of those things, but it's not like I'm never responsible and sensible

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