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About me.
“Follow your dreams, no matter what, no matter how old you are, how young you are: you should be living your wildest, **** fantasies”
- Jared Leto

I'm obsessed with the following musicians:
My Chemical Romance
30 Seconds to Mars
Neon Trees
Mindless Self Indulgence
the Used
the Scandals
Chantal Claret
the Smiths/Morrissey
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts/the Runaways

You respect my music choices, I respect yours.

I’m a (somewhat) friendly atheist. I love Christians, but if you hate gay people and try and convert me, I don’t really like you then.
I’m a Killjoy, Demolition Lover, Fritter, Chublet, Hippie Slacker, Echelon, and Tree Hugger for life.
Member of the MCRmy for 7 years and counting.
I can be a little weird sometimes, but if I am, then I just took my migraine meds and will be better after I take an 8 hour nap.
If you love Phantom of the Opera, Sinatra, cooking, or Cary Grant, we’re probably gonna be best friends.
if u tlk lke ths i h8 u.
I want to major in Early Childhood Education and go to school somewhere hopefully in New York or that region.
Never in a million years would I write fan fiction. That's just for weird and obsessed fans who need therapy.
. . . (d)
I’m a pessimistic, critical, sarcastic, perfectionistic (a nice word for OCD), and cynical ****.
I have a MCR/30STM/NT fangirl Tumblr, and if you have one link it to me and I'll follow you, but I won't give it out on here.
So, that’s me in a nutshell. Get to know me, and we might be good friends!


I don't know if you're ever coming back, it's been almost seven months and I really miss you.
I just hope you're all right and that we can talk again, soon.

I love the Jared Leto quote! He is so damn sexy


sooo i log in again for the first time since, like, july, aaaand i'd be happy to give you my tumblr url.

...if that still applies. :3

hey ****. ;)

unless you come back pretty fucking sharpish I will continue to bombard all and I mean ALL of your little account things
and when I've done all I can on that I'll use carrier pigeons,sky writing and idk but I'll think of something, trust.
Srsly tho I'm really worried D:


do you happen to have an account on deviantart? i'm on there a lot more than amirite...

I like you olot...

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