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About me.
Hey I'm Jen.
1. I'm a music nut, everything I do is either music or sports related. My favorite bands include; Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, A Day To Remember, Miss May I, and Three Days Grace. I like some screamo including bands like Miss May I and Bless The Fall. I like some alternative/punk like Green Day, I've like them since I was 6 or 7 and I will always like them. Rap, Hip-hop, and Techno are not music and I hate their existence.
2. I play guitar, I'm very serious about music, if you haven't already figured that out. I'm no poser, ask me anything about a band I like or say I like and I'll show that to you.
3. I'm 16 and a junior in high school, from some place in america i won't that i won't tell you on here. I'm a straight A student, my grammar on here won't be the best because I don't care much about being proper with people I don't know. On the other hand I can hold a very intellectual conversation with you, I'm not a grammar nazi so you don't have to be proper with me either.
4. I'm not the kind of person who's going to judge you for your beliefs or opinions, unless you give me a reason to. We are all entitled to our beliefs and unless you challenge me on them or force yours on me, I'll leave it at that. However, again, if it's an intellectual conversation i'm all for it.
5. I love science, except physics. Bring on any theory, I love sharing my opinion on them. A few of mine right now are; Globe warming is complete bull shit, no one ever took in account the natural cycle of the planets O-zone layer. The sun spot cycle of the sun, changes in weather such as the ice age before humans were around. I'm 16 and I can figure it out come on, you'd think some scientist would to.
6. Other beliefs of mine; I'm an atheist for the most part, I don't believe in heaven, angels, god, or the devil. But I do believe in ghosts and demons, from personal experiences, I don't care if it doesn't make sense, it's just my beliefs. Also I'm a republican from an all republican family and I despise Obama and everything that is Obama. All this shit about gay marriage on here and everywhere else, I'm sick of being asked so I'll just say it here. I support gay marriage, I'm as straight as they come but I have plenty of gay friends. They are nicer then most straight kids and don't judge people like you homophobic bastards do. Overall, they are just like us, they are people, just because their hearts are in a different place doesn't mean they shouldn't have the same rights.
7. I love old cartoons, including pokemon and Yu-gi-oh, call me a loser, geek, or nerd. It doesn't bother me when kids from my school say it so it won't bother me when you say it.
8. I love sports mainly Hockey and Baseball. My favorite sports teams are The Eagles, The Phillies, and The Flyers. I also play both hockey and baseball and love it. I've played these sports even when injured and when i wasn't suppose to be playing.
9. I'm going to be and electric engenieer( I know i spelt it wrong) when I grow up and I pro-musician.
10. I have an overactive imagination.
11. I really don't care what some random person taking shit online has to say. I won't lose sleep over a 13 year old trying to act tough or a 45 year old trying to belittle a teenager, fighting online is overall stupid, but the moment you go after a friend of mine I will destroy you.
12. Message me whenever, I'm always online unless i'm at band practice or sport events. I'm not shy and I'll say it now, I'm sure as hell not normal but if you don't like that you shouldn't be here.


Well that puts a damper on things. I always hated yu-gi-oh (spelling?). I considered it a "wannabe pokemon" show. But suppose I can look past it, just this once. And as for your question, I'm just laying in bed texting my best friend... And talking to you, but I'm guessing you knew that.

7 degrees in frosty Missouri. That's without the windchill. It's a bit chilly. Watching anything good?

I'm Hallie. Thats Hay-lee, btw. Everyone always gets it's wrong. Pretty frustrating. Anyway, what are you up to this freezing cold winter's night?

You're right, other random person. Our bios are fairly similar. You sound awesome too, and I have absolutely no problem with athieism, if you were wondering. Hooray for new amirite buds :)

I havent.

It just did.

That post kinda disturbed me.

Look who is getting defensive now...I was kidding.

I could report you to the police right now. I have evidence.

I wouldn't want to know. But you just kind of contradicted yourself.

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