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About me.
Hey guys! My name is Christian.

I've recently returned; I used to be really active on this site. If you remember me, awesome! If you don't know me, I'd love to get to know YOU.

Here's my voice! Don't worry, apparently I sound like I have something shoved up my nose all the time.

I'm half Cuban, and because of that I am proficient in the Spanish language. Not fluent yet, but I'm getting there; I'm taking AP Spanish this year! In addition to Cuban, I'm Italian and Irish.

Feel free to message me anytime, about anything! I follow back!

I decided to try out that political compass as well. Here's what I got:

I'm fairly conservative, a little more than the graph shows, actually, in my opinion, but I'm nothing if not fair. I'd consider myself a moderate Republican. Although, I realize I'm part of a minority on this website with that view, but that is ay okay!

After high school (I'm currently a junior) I will pursue a career in Law. I want to start out as an ADA for New York City like on Law and Order, and after a while doing that I want to go into something international, like maybe work for the United Nations in an embassy, or maybe in the Hague at the ICC. Something where I get to travel. I love learning about other cultures.

I have a deviantART, though I haven't posted anything in a while. My latest stamp that I made was a big success, and you'll find it in my forum signature. My username is the same:

I also have a Tumblr:

I also also have a Formspring

Kalopsiaa | How can one not love her? She is funny and animated and just (goo)
SpearmintMilk | We don't see eye to eye politically but she is amazing and Australian so what more could you want?
Bre | She is so peppy and nice
notmuchnotmuch | Joey is super nice and you should talk to her all day.
LarryHi | She is self described dumb but she is pretty not and awesome and adorbs.
FlotatiousTurd |
Skr3wball |
CherryBlossom | She's really down-to-earth and you should talk to her.
Montezuma | Birthday twins to the minute (cool)
Deeviant | She is such a caring person and we will both be lawyers some day.
sugarbaby | Ellen is amazing, she's a model citizen and super nice to talk to! Love her amirite superlatives on Formspring!
Hullabaloo | He is very polite and engaging and I love talking to him! He's also hilar.
skyhighatrist | We're bros with the same name; he's

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