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About me.
Hello friends, my name is Aoife and I'm from Dublin. I've been going on amirite for over a year but never made an account out of pure laziness. I love watching youtube and someday I might start making my own videos but not for a while. like I said, I'm quite lazy...also this is a huge exam year for me so I don't have the time. My favourite youtubers are Tobuscus, Pewdiepie, Chaoticmonki (cry) and Jenna Marbles.

I'm never quite sure what to write in these "about you" sections so I'll end with a few fun (or not so fun) facts about me.

I freaking love cartoons and I cannot express how excited I am to see The Rise of the Guardians. My favourite movie is The Lion King. I spell "favourite" and many other words with a 'u' because I'm Irish.

I work with a christian group to help homeless people but I'm not particularly religious. I do it because i think it's fun and you meet some really nice people. I consider my self agnostic.

I **** love science.

I've been learning the Irish language (gaeilge) for 14 years and I still cant say more than a few sentences. I've been learning French for 5 years and i speak it much better than Irish.

I love to paint.

I don't use my account very often 'cause I always forget my password.

One day i will marry Matthew Grey Gubler.

Father Ted is the best show that was ever made in my opinion. But I also love Criminal Minds and Dexter and a few more :)

I have an irrational fear of wrists. The veins are icky.

I freaking love my PS3. Assassin's Creed is my favourite.

If you're still reading then thanks for taking the time to do so:)

Peace off!



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