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Haha. Thank you.

Hi! I have no idea what you're like because you have no posts for me to look through. But I'm sure you're a lovely breakfast food.

2 years of searching and help from youtube. I'd suggest you subscribe to a few channels. <Usually dancey but still typically heavy <This is going to be where you find the really heavy and evil stuff. I actually unsubscribed because it wasn't to my taste. <This is an official artist channel. Fantastically talented. <Another artist channel. He's my favourite artist. But he doesn't upload very often so do your own searching. <UKF is kind of hit and miss. They are a HUGE record label so you'll be sure to find something you like here. <They are going to upload everything from trance to dubstep. It's an actual record label.

That should get you started.
Here's something to listen to while you search

The best thing to do is to look up hour long mixes with track names and when you hear stuff you really like look up more from that artist. Hope this helps.

Sorry to spam you like this. I just found this song. Not super heavy but I'm definitely digging it.;feature=g-u-u

(y)Thanks. Here's a mix of some really heavy stuff I mad a while back. All of the artist are in the description. So if you like it go check them out.

What kind of speakers are you using?

Actually. Just look up Ignition by Downlink. That's a pretty good starter song and one of my favourites.

I would LOVE to. First. Just how heavy do you want?

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