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About me.
Hello, there! Oh, Jeezus, where do I start? Well, I am a mammal, a female, and an artist. I am fifteen years old, almost attractive, very pale, and a little on the squishy side. I enjoy musicals, retro cartoons, comic books, oddly colored hair, and overuse of commas. My real name is Victoria, but my prominent nicknames are Tori, Toto, or Button, so I answer to any of the three (I do answer to Victoria, but reluctantly.). My deviantART page can be found here: On which resides mostly fan art and horrible pictures of myself that I can't stand only a couple of months after posting. My twitter page is here: but I say nothing interesting, so don't bother. This is my YouTube account: It has many videos that are either pointless, or clips of my voice acting roles for the Invader Zim Fan Animated Series. Thank you for visiting Totoland, please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Enjoy the ride!



Oh noes. Well, it must have been a 'do among 'dos, if I do say so myself.

He's the best, right?

Your Mohawk is magnificent, btw.

Nice hair!

HAI. Your hair looks like it could possibly murder someone.

I like it ._."

I like authors that have their "brand" on something, like if you picked up a random book without an author written anywhere, you'd be able to tell who it was within a few chapters or less.

Even though I wouldn't do it for anything I wrote, I like his idea of all humans being equal in his stories, to the point that background characters are treated no better nor worse than the main characters.

Yeah. He kinda reminds me of (well, he kinda is) an old man who doesn't give a fuck about political correctness or other people's opinions, because he's just too damn old to worry about such insignificant things anymore.

Yeah, I love Vonnegut. Favourite book would probably be Breakfast of Champions, just for the pictures and general overly-simplistic style.

Your glasses are very nice looking, I like them.

Hey, how are you?
You must get this a lot - your display picture kinda lures it in - I love women who can rock the liberty hawk.

So, yeah, I'm just going to go through the links on your profile.

BTW the Totoland ride severed most of limbs off. I demand restitution.

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