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About me.
I'm really bad at talking about myself, if you're really dying to know something about me you can ask. Don't be lazy. But I guess I should tell you a little bit so...

Things I enjoy:

School (Yeah, call me crazy, but I don't mind school)
Arcade Fire
Driving with all the windows open
Difficult math problems
Belting out (in a completely terrible voice) almost any kind of song
Orange (the color)
Dr. Pepper
Nintendo 64
Chicago sports teams
The Nerdist podcast
Outliers (it's a book by Malcolm Gladwell)
Batman (no duh)
Warm weather
Debating random topics
Risk (the game)
Clever ad campaigns
Any time countries compete against each other
James Madison
Taking tests
The Colbert Report
Biting my nails

That was pretty random and scattered, but so am I, so I guess it fits

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You are quite welcome! [x That's marvelous!

I'll be throwing in some variety from now on. Your about me is stupendous! I think Batman is WONDROUS! Belting out almost any kind of song= spectacular! The Colbert report is remarkable! And you CapedCrusader are all of the above! (o:

Are you watching the US open?

I'll definitly check out Stuff You Should Know, sounds good.
What sucks about WTF is that you can only download the 50 newest podcasts.

I don't know if your a Comedy Central Roast fan, but I recently read Jeff Ross's book, "I Only Roast the Ones I Love". I totally recommend it.

That's cool, I didn't know that. I'm kind of new to podcasts too, I just started listening to them like a month ago..
I've listened to a couple of Nerdist episodes, but at the moment I'm investing all my time catching up with Maron. I also like The Bugle and Never Not Funny.

Holy shit. I love the Nerdist, and Outliers is my favorite Gladwell book. (I could barely get half way through his other books).
Do you listen to the WTF Marc Maron podcast by any chance?

Oh no wait I got confused it was a test and an essay every two weeks...oops hahaha.

Hahahaha nice. Yeah everyone taking AP gets summer work where we have to learn a couple chapters on our own that way we have more time. I heard the people that take a certain AP class have to take two online tests every week or something like that. I know what class I'm not taking.

Oh ok. I usually do ok in social studies, depending on who teaches it and stuff. And it's a full year course.

It's AP Government. This is the first time my school is offering AP to sophomores. I'm not sure how it'll go because I'm not so crazy about government but I figured it would be a good opportunity to take an AP class as a sophomore.

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